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Paypal is a great way to buy goods online. It is safe and secure, but there are some Paypal scams that you need to know about. Can scammers get your money if its already in your PayPal account? Absolutely! There are a few Paypal scams to look out for.

For further details on these Paypal scams, visit https://thetechieguy.com/paypal-scams/.

Shipping Address Scam
Overpayment Scam
Fake Email
Phishing Email
Hacked Account
The Problem with your account email
Awesome Deal
Fake Charities
Expedited Stimulus Checks
Covid-19 Home Test Kits

While Paypal and their IT team are continuously working to improve their transactions' security, it is important to stay vigilant and aware of cybercriminals' tactics. While they know that most people will simply delete their emails, they count on the fact that a small percentage might read the email while being distracted and quickly log into the fake account, revealing their username and password. The golden rule is never to react to these emails. Always log in via their main URL, and if there are actual issues with the account, there will be a notification from Paypal itself. Paypal scams happen every day to innocent people. Click the link to find out more about how you can prevent it.


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