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A famous digital signage displays

It is a famous digital signage displays in US, and I only read a few college specialized subject. With the child, I always said, our children must not like me, and to the same as he did not have the ambition of brand-name universities. He listened to disagree: like who didn't relate to, as you can find an I such that the object; as I can find a object like you, are not the same thing? " He has many advantages, but there is a particularly big problem, is lazy. Let him do something, always face pain. One day, I could not bear it. "You are lazy, or sick? If it's lazy, I have to share a part of the house from today. If sick, I would rather wait on you for a digital signage.!" He answered two words smiled: "lazyitis."
One day, I remembered that traditional question: "I and your mother at the same time fall into the river, you first save who?" He looked at me and smiled and asked, "what do you say?" It's my turn to embarrass me..
I always wanted to cut my single eyelids to double fold.. That day, a colleague of my double eyelids, and other digital signage display, I asked his colleagues whether the eyes of the skin is good-looking.
"Good-looking! -- it's not true.!" It seems that my eyes are not cut into the skin.
He can play mahjong, but if he takes the bet, even the smallest, he never participates . When I talk about it, I applaud his will..
He is very modest: "not perseverance, but 'psychological ability is poor, win when I always feel sorry to my friends, lose money when I feel sorry for his wife."
Many home are the wife called "constant reason", and my family is not.

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