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Zahalia Crack And Patch File Download

Zahalia Crack And Patch File Download

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About This Game

In a nod to top down adventure games of the 80's, Zahalia sticks to the rules of that era. Each screen is a room and most hold secrets.
Travel the overworld, find secret caves and find new abilities to improve your character.

Zahalia was a peaceful land until The Dark Wizard came and stole all the crystals. Defeat his group of monsters and reclaim the Crystals
to save Zahalia from darkness.

*New Abilities can be gained to progress your reach of the land.
*New Swords, Shields and Armor can be bought from you local merchant.
*Secrets can be found in most areas on the overworld map. 7ad7b8b382

Title: Zahalia
Genre: Adventure, Indie
LunarCore Games
LunarCore Games
Release Date: 6 Mar, 2018


Zahalia does a good job capturing the appeal of games like the original Legend of Zelda. The secrets are useful and actually findable, the dungeons take some effort, there is a healthy variety of enemies to spice up the combat, and the puzzles are by and large logical.

For more info check out my first look video\/watch?v=qamovpE-STc\" target=\"_blank\" rel=\"noreferrer\" id=\"dynamiclink_0\">https:\/\/\/watch?v=qamovpE-STc<\/a>. Played it for an hour and a half. One of the dungeon doors reset in the second cyrstal dungeon after I saved and quit for the night, permanently screwing over my file.

My second run I found a secret passageway that just sent me back to the title screen and then made my character disappear upon starting up that file. Only fixed by completely exiting out of game, and this bug was easily replicated.

Achievements don't activate, even after a supposed patch.

I know it's a cheap game, but man this sure makes me leary of this developer in the future. Don't bother. Simplistic Legend of Zelda clone that couldn't pass QA. Get what you pay for I guess, not really worth anyone's time right now.. Game belongs in early access.

EDIT Dev put out a patch this AM.

Patch 1.01 Released
Patch Fixes Include:

*Dungeon entrance deleting spawn fixed
...<\/blockquote>Like the cake it's a lie!
It has not been fixed.

There are 2 repeatable instances I've found were exiting one world space for another (e.g. when entering a dungeon or cave) will send you right back to the beginning like you just clicked on the games desktop icon but you still have to restart to get the player character to appear on screen.

One quest line is to find all the 'brothers'.
Think cave dwelling hermits.
One such brothers response is "I am error."
Quest breaker? Who knows.

A couple other quest lines appear to be to get all the health power ups and another to get all the mana power ups (or whatever they're called).
With 2 dungeons not working, another quest(s) breaker?

Random bugginees such as nonrepeatable (but frequent) Fatal error screens, PC (player character) freezing when hit (game restart needed) or just going from one room in a dungeon to another and having the PC vanish.

The enemies are not hard and are easily beaten.
It does remind me some of the first LoZ game and aside from overall bugginess, it was enjoyable.

I don't think 100% completion is possible as the game is now.
If the dev fixes the problems, it's worth the money.
As is, do not buy.. The game is a fun Zelda clone, and the devs have recently made some fixes after a long spell off. I have switched from a negative to positive as the game is pretty fun for what it is.. I bought this game on sale, so I didn't spend much money on it, but I am still disappointed. I looked forward to it because of its old-school look, a game mechanic like Zelda and for the easy achievements. However, I can't recommend this game at all and will elaborate on the negative parts.

- The key mapping is a mess and not intuitive at all. For example: I couldn't close the options menu without closing the entire game.
- Text from NPC: "Press [S] to interact with something. Press [F] to interact with something." Interact with what? At first nothing happened while [Space] could be used for interactions. Later I found out that the keys let you use health and mana potions respectively.
- No key re-mapping which is annoying when you use a QWERTZ keyboard and attack is [Z] and magic is [X] by default. Ok, rather a minor point of annoyance but still annoying.
- Whenever I closed the game - for some stupid reason - I always went back to the starting point and had to backtrack to the area I was in before. Turned out to be a blessing in disguise when I got enclosed in an area with a bush, had no mana left to burn it and no way to replenish it. So leaving was impossible.
- During the hour I played it, I should have gotten at least 2-3 achievements (killing monsters and money) but I never got them even after closing the game. I like to hunt for achievements if a game offers them and as mentioned above: That was also a reason why I bought the game in the first place.

Overall I didn't enjoy it and can't recommend it but I might get back to the game if most of the issues are fixed.

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