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When Was Multicultural Church Sydney Set Up?

Is there actually a Multicultural Church Sydney? This is not really true anymore. There are more than 1500 well recognised Christian denomination. Whether you’re a member of the Christian church or some other organisation, you need to be curious about how single church which God organised while he was on earth has now become a number of faiths with different theologies as well as doctrines.


When Christian was church set up

God set up Christian church while he was there on earth. He called the apostles and offered them instructions about the way it was supposedly run. He gave Simon Peter, all the authority of leading the church. They majorly preached to and also taught Jewish people as that’s where they used to live. Those people were Jewish. But, Jews majorly rejected God as well as his messages of being long awaited Messiah. They then crucified the almighty. After the Jesus was crucified, the apostles of Christian church still continuously taught gospel to Jews. Then, the man called Saul was converted to Christian church and started teaching gospel to Gentiles. It was essentially the very first division which occurred in Christian church as even though it was taught by Christ, it wasn’t what most of the early Christians wished for.

During 70 AD, a group known as Gnostics that would become Eastern Orthodox Church later on proclaimed higher law as well as gospel. Around 300 AD, Roman Empire mainly recognised Christian Church as official religion and therefore, Roman Catholic Churches were born.

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