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What is SD-WAN or Software Defined WAN? - SD-WAN Definitio

Improved VR/AR fashion retailers can benefit from SDN, changing the way customers buy clothes online and in stores through virtual fitting rooms. Customers can try on clothes by using some kind of virtual reality and augmented reality (VR / AR). The improved VR / AR not only provides opportunities for fashion retailers, but also provides opportunities for furniture, beauty, and automobiles.

  VR/AR shopping can only be achieved when the branch office has a high capacity and fast network. AR/VR traffic must be protected and adjusted to avoid packet loss and jitter.

  2. IoT sensor and device data. Retail stores can place sensors around the store to help customers navigate locations or get discounts based on their shopping activities. For example, Beacons, a low-cost IoT device that communicates with customers' smartphones in stores via Bluetooth signals.

  There are also many examples of automatic checkout systems, where stores no longer need cashiers, smart shelves can assist with the entire inventory process, avoid in-store theft, and even robots can roam in stores, such as Lowebot, which guides customers in different languages. Find items in the store.

  3. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning AI and ML are working hard to provide an easier and faster shopping experience for end consumers and employees.

  Amazon strives to reduce or even eliminate cashiers through artificial intelligence. They just opened a fully automated grocery store called Amazon Go. There are no cashiers and checkout counters in this store, and getting in and out of the store is like taking the subway. AI and ML are not only convenient for shopping, but also help with in-store marketing, product placement, and theft prevention, all of which can be achieved by monitoring customer behavior.

  AI and ML can also improve the inventory process through the voice commands of the store. It helps employees use voice to control the communication of all devices in the store.

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