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What are the Various Marijuana Cloning Methods?

Cloning refers towards the strategy of creating plants which are genetically identical. Following getting the cuttings, you can find many techniques you can clone plants. You may root the cuttings in water, soil, peat moss, Rockwool and so forth. In case you are in cannabis production organization, choose one particular of these cannabis cloning methods that perform the best within your case. For more info about Cannabis Cloning Consultant go here.

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Rockwool Strategy

Start with taking healthier cuttings from plants which are wholesome. Ensure that you reduce off most leaves, leaving just the ones at the best intact. Take every single cutting and dip it into powder or rooting gel. Then put it within a Rockwool cube beneath a compact fluorescent light. The preferred temperature is about 22 to 24 ° C, with more than 90% humidity. The roots begin to appear in 1 - two weeks. Don't forget to keep the rock wool soaked in acidic water (pH 5.five) for many hours.

Potting Soil Approach

This can be one of the standard marijuana cloning strategies for rooting clones. Clip off any mature leaf present over the stalk, and dip the stalk’s sliced bottom into powder or rooting gel. Quickly following this, place the plant into saturated potting soil beneath a compact fluorescent light. Hold the plant in place while the roots continue to develop.

The Water Method

Take the mature leaves away and uncover a container, preferably a 16-ounce plastic bottle having a narrow neck that may successfully hold up the plant. Fill the container with water treated employing plant meals. Dip the plant stalks into water. Maintain it there. Mix up items to make sure no development of algae.

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