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Let's just call a spade a spade. For 40 years we've known that these things called cigarettes are death sticks. Meaning: if you smoke consistently for years, some how, some way, smoking will undoubtedly lead to death. Our government has no problem cracking down and halting the sale of prescription based or OTC drugs that have this effect. It also demonstrates very little passive aggressive behavior in removing products that pose serious health hazards to the public (like lead paint, asbestos, arsenic, etc.). Yet, a product that has been PROVEN (even in moderate amounts) to cause lung cancer, stroke, heart attacks, emphysema, and countless other terminal diseases , can still be sold to adults freely. What a crock of… Yes, I know that tobacco is a multi-billion dollar industry with powerful lobbying forces. And, it's also crystal clear that because of the addictive nature of nicotine, millions of smokers would go ballistic if the product was suddenly banned altogether. Realistically, these and other forces will prevent this monumental change from taking place (at least anytime soon) Cheap Cigarettes For Sale Online. But, just for fun, I'd like to pretend for a moment that I'm new to this earth and have just learned about cigarettes and their health impact on humans for the first time. Thus, all the cool and hip marketing and cultural biases that I've grown up with surrounding cigarettes don't exist. The obvious, most basic question I would ask myself is - if I care about living, why in the world would I ever start smoking (rhetorical question)? The answer would be just as obvious. I wouldn't. I might as well chug a bottle of vodka every day, or sprinkle lead paint into my food. The long term end result would be the same. Ed, to your point of the government watching over us vis a vis lead paint, "dangerous" OTC drugs, etc. there are news reports this am about how the government now may regulate salt intake Buy Discount Cigarettes. "US regulators should limit salt in foods to combat high blood pressure among Americans, according to a consumer group and the AMA. The FDA is considering replacing voluntary guidelines with mandatory regulations. I still support the right of people to smoke because I worry about the precedent of the government banning activities that are primarily bad for the user (yes, there spillover from second hand smoke, but the primary impact is on the smoker--*all* activities have greater or lesser spillovers on other people). If you ban cigarrettes, then logically you should ban alchohol also--it another addictive substance with negative health effects. What about motorcycles? Statistics show they are much more dangerous to drive than cars and no body "needs" to have a motorcycle. Maybe they should be banned, too. How about extreme sports? Private planes? I know: it easy to get carried away w/slippery slope arguments and start positing all sorts of apocalyptic scenarios Newport Cigarettes For Sale. Usually the slope doesn slide all the way down. But still: if cigarettes are banned, then there certainly other behaviors that could be logically banned under the same reasoning. Since I don want the government making that many lifestyle choices for me, I rather put up with other people smoking. We can get into a much bigger philisophical conversation about how much we want the government to act as big brother to control out lives (that for another day). In moderation, alcohol doesn kill people. No studies have ever proven that. In fact, many studies do show that consistent, moderate amounts of red wine are actually healthy. There isn one redeeming quality about smoking. It only negative. Let me ask you a question -- pretend that cigarettes never existed. All of a sudden some bio tech company decided to make them and needed FDA approval Cigarettes Online Store. Do you think they get it? I don Not in this day and age. There are many people who think that alcohol doesn have redeeming features, either. After all, while there is some evidence of some heart healthful effects in moderation Newports Cigarettes Price, it does cause liver damage and kill brain cells; it is addictive; it leads to deaths through DUI, damages careers and families, and leads to other socially irresponsible behavior. While tobacco and alcohol are not 100% parallel, it is very tough to legislate against one but not the other on any sort of logical basis. So, in answer, Ed--know, I don think that tobacco would be approved had it only just been discovered in the 2000 But I also don think alcohol would be approved in that context, either. For the record, I also don think that government should regulate transfat or salt content. I think that adults should be responsible for making their own health decisions. And again, I acknowledge that cigarettes do impose costs on others--second hand smoke, health care costs and lost productivity, etc. But so does alcohol; so does non-healthy food; so does people being couch potatoes and not making sure they in good shape. Both my mother and grandfather died from smkoing related causes) NEXT POST Use of data detailing America's Most Dangerous Cities is criminal So, the 14th annual "City Crime Rankings," published by CQ Press appeared last week. This year, Detroit, St. Louis and Flint, Michigan were the big winners, receiving headline news in some of the most influential media (such as USA Today,. PREVIOUS POST How does a PR guy get into the New York Times? He needs to ban any after work use of CrackBerrys (uh…that's BlackBerrys) from his company. Because, that's clearly big time news. Yup. That's just what the CEO of a Chicago-based PR firm called Empower recently did. 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