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WeatherBug - Great for Agricultural Use

My uncle is a farmer. I grew up on a farm, and the weather plays a big part in the work and in the lifestyle. At times, I struggled with technology but having the WeatherBug App on my phone helps with my day to day lifestyle. It helps with making decisions and it puts my mind at ease, especially when I’m absent from the farm.

I grow crops in a few greenhouses. The greenhouse is double edged sword. It protects my produce from the elements. However, using this WeatherBug app is necessary in the summertime. Even in Canada plants don’t tolerate hot weather in a closed greenhouse. On hot summer days, I need to air the plants. I constantly use the WeatherBug app in all seasons. In the summer, I check the conditions in advance; one day I checked the app for the weather forecast, the weather forecast for the next few days read hot weather, 24c but can feel like 28c. In a greenhouse, this would mean 45/50c for my plants. This means that I make sure that the greenhouse ventilation works in advance. Even when I’m not on the farm, I have a tendency to check the weather app, this app will reveal the weather conditions close to the farm. Once the WeatherBug App revealed a high temperature, I called my son and told him to switch on the ventilation. This WeatherBug app takes the stress away from farming.


The WeatherBug app helps me with the farm labourer’s welfare. When I’m away from the farm, I often check the WeatherBug app for local conditions. Last summer, I checked the app when I was absent, the app revealed heavy rain. I rang the head labourer and told him to get in and stay protected from the elements. Then an hour later, I checked the app again, the rain had passed. I called the head labourer and told him to drag his team out and continue working.


I have only become familiar with the weather event feature. One day, I hope to upload photos of a weather event on my farm. The result would be photos of my farm hopefully with a great crop due to a good growing season on a global media platform.


In regards to other weather apps, I can’t really compare. I only have one weather app on my phone. I’m not so much into technology but the current WeatherBug app serves its function. I found it quick, easy and hassle free to install. I find it real user friendly. It’s great to navigate. I have gotten lost installing other apps.

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