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Warriors difficult to enter the West finals without Durant

For the warriors, Durant missed the day is not good boil Count Durant injured that field http://www.officialwildteamshop.com/Womens_Youth_Jonas_Brodin_Jersey only played 1 minute game, in fact Durant has missed nine games. In these nine games, the Warriors 4 wins and 5 losses, even five percent less hit rate for the war in recent years is rare. Of course, the light with Durant missed the nine games for the things that are somewhat biased in the 9 games, the first 7 games Warriors running around in seven different cities. For the warriors, as long as not on the plane, that is, on the pitch, so high-density flight and competition, record certainly better. But no Durant's Warrior What is the level?
This season, the Warriors per hundred rounds of the offensive efficiency Bruins Riley Nash Women Jersey is 115.3, second only to the Rockets ranked second in the league, the effective hit rate of 56.0%, ranking first in the league. And in this season when Durant does not play when the Warriors per 100 rounds of offensive efficiency of 109.0, effective hit rate of 52.2% In fact, Durant missed, Curry although the data have increased, but the shoulders The burden also increased dramatically. In the season and Durant partner, Curry every 36 minutes from 25.2 points rose to 29.8 points, but the hit rate from 48.2% to 42.6%, third hit rate from 41.1% to 36.3%.
It is not difficult to find that when Durant is not present, the library to bear the defensive pressure is greater, although the data rise, but the offensive efficiency but declined. It seems that Durant injured in the first nine games 4 wins and 5 losses, it can be considered normal. After all, Jazz in the first 10 games in March, also made 6 wins and 4 losses record. To rely on no warriors and the Spurs Rockets such a team competition, I am afraid that absolutely can not.
So after the addition http://www.authenticsavalanchestore.com of Durant, the greatest change to the Warriors is what?
Durant and the Warriors in the degree of silence is still unable to and water brother, Green, Iguodala compared. So when Durant is not present, Curry and a group of starting players last season to play a more understanding, but also can be expected things. But the value of Durant, we must not because of this simple comparison to draw conclusions.
After the Warriors signed Durant composed of four kings, the Warriors for the four kings of each person's dependence is actually reduced. Last season, because the Green ban and lost the entire finals of the situation, the probability of occurrence of this season is much smaller. Reduced reliance on everyone means that everyone's data and the absolute core position in the team have declined. In the regular season, there is no Durant for the Warriors will not have much impact http://www.authenticsavalanchestore.com/tyson-barrie-jersey_c-432.html, before the 4 wins and 5 losses I am afraid that the main line or the relationship. But in the playoffs, Durant's absence, I am afraid that the warrior will cause a devastating blow.

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