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Unseen Diplomacy Download For Pc [portable]

Unseen Diplomacy Download For Pc [portable]

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About This Game


Unseen Diplomacy casts you as an elite member of The British Espionage Tactical Initiative, defeating the plans of evil-doers around the world.
With a real-life obstacle course created by the Vive’s incredible virtual reality environment, you will run and roll, sneak and solve your way through volcano lairs and moon bases.

It behaves like ‘redirected walking’, which means the core control of the game is directed by the player's own movements.
The experience is focused through clever use of room layouts - by warping and manipulating space without you being aware of it, Unseen Diplomacy allows you to explore and navigate your way through a much bigger environment - no teleporting or portals required!

Virtual reality is a unique experience and Unseen Diplomacy is an intense and immersive game designed to offer you a glimpse into espionage life through your own eyes and movements.

Unseen Diplomacy has received strong attention and interest so we’re really pleased to be able to bring it to Steam in this format. This does mean that it is very much an experiential game - see below for guidelines on how to make the most of Unseen Diplomacy…


  • Unseen Diplomacy is a 4 minute experience, created in a month and designed for GameCity 2015, and now released on Steam due to popular demand.
  • The game *requires* a full 4m x 3m tracked space with no physical obstructions. If your setup does not meet these requirements you will not be able to play.
  • This is a single player version of the game, with a social screen so people can view what's happening inside the kit.
  • This game requires physical activity! There is an option to allow for users with limited movement to play. We suggest that users have to be able to move themselves around the space (be it wheelchair or otherwise), for the safety of anyone in the room and themselves.

If you don’t feel like your space meets the requirements, head to the National Videogame Arcade in Nottingham, UK, where you can play the game in their VR exhibition! 7ad7b8b382

Title: Unseen Diplomacy
Genre: Action, Indie, Simulation
Triangular Pixels
Triangular Pixels
Release Date: 4 Apr, 2016


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One of th best use of roomscale in vr!! Wish for a bigger game with the same concept !. TAKE THE SIZE RESTRICTION SERIOUSLY. I was only able to play through a small portion of the game because my play size is smaller than 3mx4m. What I was able to play was very cool, though.. Great use of redirection. Super fun and enjoyable.

Quick game but for 2 bucks you can't complain to much. I hope more is added to this. I would love to see different levels.. Great fun if you have the space for it.

The sense of presence you get from being able to move around so much in your physical space, including crawling around on all fours, is worth the purchase price alone.. I literally do not know what it want's you to do in order to win at the end. It throws you into a room with a very short ammount of time to figure it out. For example, aim the death rays at the sun. I do that, mission failed anyways. What do you want from me?

Not to mention the dynamic is very simple and you only need to play it once to really have played it all. Good if you have kids for a few runs, not worth the money. Another gimic using VR.

Can we get some real game designers on this yet?. Really cool game to demo. Only game I'm aware of, or at least that I have, that uses a non-euclidean level for locomotion. It's nice to move through a level naturally without teleporting and makes speedruns fun.

Oh, and it doesn't require 4mx3m, unless it's changed since I last played it. My play area is more like 2.8x3.5 and it fits fine.. A very unique VR experience for a very cheap price. This is a great game to demo people new to VR because it really emphasizes the roomscale capabilities of the Vive. By using redirected walking/non-euclidean environment they give you a sense of exploring a bigger space than you have available. It is very short, but definitely worth its price if you intend to demo your VR headset once in a while.. One of the best idea for THC Five!. IF YOU HAVE A BIG SPACE!

Unfortunately my space is just not big enough, which is really disappointing because i love what they are doing in this game.. Redirected walking is awesome. This is literally the only game I have played with it and it works so well. Tricks your mind into thinking you are walking across large levels. Played in Oct 2018 and despite its age definitely top 5 VR experience.

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