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Trump was elected last year, 1 million 500 thousand people signed a petition to impeach

The president of the United States Trump people down to the lowest, the people more than 1 million 500 thousand impeachment petition. On the other hand, support the Trump Fuchs TV announced no longer play impeachment ads, American actor George J Ronny bluntly, the 2020 democratic nobody can challenge Trump. Trump (Donald Trump) last November 8th officially elected the forty-fifth president of the United states. During the campaign, but the recriminations after the election through the door and the Russian #jeepokmk01 shadow, he took office, let his poll in the doldrums. According to the Wholesale Cigarette CNN (CNN) today announced the poll, Trump support rate fell to a record low of 36%; American Broadcasting Company (ABC) and Washington Post (Washington Post) yesterday, the poll also showed that only 37% of Americans like Tongchuan General Administration, also written record. The long-term support of Democratic Party of the United States of California Regal star (Tom Steyer) believes that the United States will Trump to nuclear war, obstruction of justice, announced in October that it would throw at least $10 million to Cheapest Cigarette buy television advertising in the United States, promoting impeachment. The guardian (The Guardian) Sunday quoted entel saying that Trump is a danger to the American people, continue to wait is wrong. And he has revealed the petition case more than 1 million 500 thousand people in the United States signed a claim of impeachment Trump. Star advertising has commissioned the impeachment play in major U.S. television networks, including the Fuchs has always supported the Trump TV news network (Fox News)'s famous talk show "Fuchs and friends" (Fox & Friends). Show loyal audience Trump, after seeing the advertisement was immediately tweets back, which is a strange star, humble guy. Despite his claim that he had not intervened in the announcement of the announcement, the Fox News Network was obviously wrong. The Associated Press pointed out that Fuchs News Network said that due to a strong rebound in the audience, the future will no longer Hot Selling Cigaretteplay the initiative to impeach Trump advertising. At the same time, the performance of Trump unhappy George J Ronny (George Clooney) told the Sunday Times (The Sunday Times) said that although the Trump is terrible, but very political charm, like a TV star. As a strong Democrat supporter, he admits that the Democratic Party has yet to see a candidate who is brilliant and bright eyed.

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