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Top Ceiling Insulation Brisbane Types To Choose From

Planning ceiling insulation Brisbane for your home this winter? There are various types of ceiling insulation that you can choose from. Each one has their own pros and cons, thus making it essential for you to know them before you can make your choice.

Types of insulation

Ceiling insulation plays an important role in maintaining the ceiling and ensuring there are no leaks from the roof. Here are some of the insulation types that you can choose from.

  • Cellulose: This insulation type is considered to be one of the oldest materials available in the market. You can install the material either as a loose fill along the floor of the attic or as a blown in material. When we say cellulose it is basically recycled newsprint and denim. Cellulose is definitely affordable and cheap but, it does not create the air seal necessary for the attic. This means the cold and hot air cannot move around the attic as freely as it should with this material.
  • The other material most commonly used in attic or ceiling insulation is fiberglass. Attic cleaning Brisbane is made simpler with this material and it is one of the perfect insulation solutions available in the market. However, it is less effective as against the other materials available in the market, despite allowing airflow along the attic.
  • Spray foam insulation is the final insulation material available in the market in the recent times. The spray foam hasa ability to expand around 100 times the original size, which allows it to fill the nooks and crannies inside the attic. What is used in the spray foam? Organic chemical compounds that are obtained from the petroleum extracts is used in creating the spray foams. This is one of the main reasons why the spray foam insulation types are considered to be quite economical and environment friendly.

Apart from these materials, you also have ceiling insulation Brisbane that is made of mineral wool, foil faced kraft paper and compounds such as phenolic.

Knowing the insulation types is not enough, you need to be aware of the ways in which you can install the insulation. For this purpose, you need to identify the perfect contractor who will not just provide the ceiling insulation, but also attic cleaning Brisbane services.

Choosing the ideal insulation contractor

  • The first thing you need in an insulation contractor is the experience required to offer custom insulation solutions. You should find someone who has a portfolio from which you can judge their experience. Identify their strengths and how they perform each insulation task.
  • When you are connecting with the contractor, find out if they offer free assessments too for your home or commercial space that needs to be insulated. It is important that they know what kind of space you have and accordingly identify the insulation solution
  • Check for certifications. If the person is not a professional, you should not go ahead with the insulation contractor or company. It is important they are certified with the requisite background before they are hired for the contractual work you have in mind.

Just keep a check on the budget while hiring the contractor.

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