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This Starry Midnight We Make Activation Unlock Code And Serial

This Starry Midnight We Make Activation Unlock Code And Serial

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About This Game

"The idea of creating a box of jewels, each filled with life... doesn't it give you a little bit of a thrill?"

This Starry Midnight We Make is a celestial growth simulation game wherein the protagonist, Hamomoru Tachibana, creates celestial objects using the mysterious Star-seeing Basin.

Hamomoru Tachibana, our protagonist, is an overly serious, easily-flustered clergywoman. While on vacation in Kyoto, Japan in the early 20th century, she went to visit a night festival at a local shrine. While enjoying one of the local specialties, she found herself lost in a deep forest road near the shrine.

In the depths of the forest, flanked by a trio of archways, Hamomoru meets Chuuya Shingoh, a curious, self-professed student of sciences. Chuuya shows Hamomoru the "Star-seeing Basin", wherein one can seem to "grow" stars and a model of the night sky using pebbles, and invites Hamomoru to join his experiments. She is hesitant at first, but her missing wallet compels her to remain in Kyoto regardless.

Ultimately accepting Chuuya's offer to help with lodging, she agrees to assist him in his "research" in return. According to Chuuya, the stars created in the Basin may be able to influence the rest of the city in a manner similar to what is often described in onmyou divination. To confirm this, Hamomoru and Chuuya shall walk the streets of Kyoto, all while creating stars within the Star-seeing Basin... 7aa9394dea

Title: This Starry Midnight We Make
Genre: Indie, Simulation
Carpe Fulgur LLC
Release Date: 1 Jun, 2015


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A wonderful little puzzle game. It references a lot of themes from the mythos of Greek and Eastern astrology and thus the game creates its own cute and smooth shroud of mystique.

Recommended if you like puzzles where you have to find out the properties of elements through experimenting, like World of Goo or Little Inferno (off the top of my head).. This Starry Midnight We Make is a doujin game that combines puzzles/simulation with visual novel narration,the game is very good,it's simple yet elegant aesthetics are truly unique and it's extremely enjoyable when you need to relax,also it bear mentioning that the characters are fully animate and their emotions are synched with the dialogue,which goes a long way to pull you into the story.
Raccomanded anyone that enjoys puzzle games or visual novels.. Charming, pretty and unique. A plus if you love the "starry night" aesthetic and all the mythological references. A hidden jewel in my personal opinion.. Frustrating but interesting puzzle\/simulation game. (Don't be misled by the number of 'visual novel' screenshots, that portion of the game is just a fairly slight framing device...)

This game is for people who like to poke an opaque puzzle until they're able to make sense of how it works. It will take a lot of experimentation and patience, but it's pretty satisfying when it works. (Some of the recipes were just too unguessable for me to figure out, so I wound up looking up some of the answers, but even for those ones I still had fun experimenting.)

It has almost a 'clicker'-like level of compulsiveness when you're setting up experiments--ingredients take time to mix (though usually only a few seconds) so you can start setting up a second trial while the first one matures, and so on...

Absolutely worth playing if you like experimenting and can enjoy a little frustration.. This game is a wonderful sandbox to play in that encourages experimentation and creativity. It can get slightly tedious waiting for some of the more elaborate stars to evolve, but your "star basin" will continue evolving its contents even when you are doing other activities in the game. There are a ton of stars to discover and a lot of possibilities to create a totally unique star basin.

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