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  The 1978 World Series of Poker was one for the ages without doubt. Every one of us remembers the 1970s for what they were. Lets just say that the World Series of Poker 1978 were exactly what someone who grew up in the 70s would expect. It really fit the bill for its time. Things even changed regarding the prize money available. In years past this tournament was a winner take all type of deal. In this years event the money was divided between several different top players on the board, changing the stakes for entering. Despite the fact that this takes away from the champion, it may have helped the tournament. With money available to more than one player, it encourages people to feel like they arent losing so much if they enter and dont take home first place.

  The popularity of the event showed that it was growing at this time. The Main Event, the part of the program that everyone is always waiting for, managed to bring in more than 40 players to the tournament. With these 42 total players, the event had more 400,000 dollars available for prize money.

  There was without doubt a sense of drama following this years tournament. Doyle Brunson had won two grand slams in a row and it looked as if he would be on his way for his third. Despite the hype behind this tournament, it didnt exactly meet the expectations that everyone was hoping for.

  The tournament didnt end up being as advertised. Doyle Brunson never made a heroic attempt towards the top of the poker world for the 3rd time. Most people saw attempts to have Brunson taken off the table by his opponents. None of those players wanted to see Brunson in the final group of players, where he had dominated in years past. Brunson was eliminated early, not even making it to the final 5 contestants.

  Brunson wasnt the only one ousted. In the last few players there were really none of the favorites to win present. Each of the players that were favored to take it seemed to fall off the map until there were no more former champs present after the opening event. It was all for the underdog in 1978.

  The final group included Ken Smith, Jesse Alto, Buc Buchanan, Louis Hunsucker, Crandall Addington and Bobby Baldwin. All of these players were slowly eliminated until just Crandall Addington and Bobby Baldwin stood.

  Each of these players was solid, but there was no clear advantage between them. The tides seemed to turn back and forth throughout each hand and it seemed that each PVC skirting board play would go down to the line. Through time Bobby Baldwin made some big moves and upped the level of aggression in his play. With these big moves Bobby Baldwin took the advantage and became the youngest World Series of Poker Champion in history up to that point.

  This unexpected outcome typified the whole tournament as Bobby Baldwin pulled out the great victory over Crandall Addington when all was said and done.

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