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The Tower - Adventure

“...some of the most exciting VR gameplay I’ve seen of late…” UPLOAD VR

Make your way to the top of the tower, b 5d3b920ae0

Title: The Tower
Genre: Adventure, Indie
Release Date: 16 Feb, 2018


  • OS: Windows 10
  • Processor: Intel i3-6100/AMD FX4350 or better
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM


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entertaining for 10 minutes, a regrettable purchase after your first playthrough. Great Game for VR! - I hope to see more levels and maybe even some multiplayer courses in the future.. One word: Horrific Don't get me wrong I was so very excited for this style of game and for the first maybe few sessions I enjoyed it. Then came the issue liken to a hailstorm of maddening insanity. I absolutely despise this issue, and this stuff about turning a new leaf. But hows this for comparision, if you have someone you needed to rely on something for and they fail constently would you trust them? I know I wouldn't they may not be scammers but, to drop projects soon after getting off greenlight and not a single bug fixe or maintenence all together. I am just gonna have to say don't bother with this game. I really wanted to give it a good review but, I just can't.. Great short experience, makes you sweat.. This is very unfinished software, this SHOULD NOT be sold as a product because it is NOT USABLE. There are too many bugs. It is NOT WORKING. It takes time to realize that it is not you who is not working properly, but the "game". I was unhappy but tolerant until I got stuck outside the map and I even could not quit the game. I had to restart whole computer to regain control of my computer.. Ooookay.I have no idea what "stage" this game is supposed to be in. There's was a post way back in JULY about a soon-to-be-released "2015 edition", but here we are in the New Year and this doesn't yet resemble a "finished" game in my humble opinion. Was this the "2015 edition" I just attempted, or are there improvements to come? No mention whatsoever on the Store page of it still being an Early Access title, so.anyway, let's attempt to review what I've played so far. The Tower, from what I have thus far experienced/endured, is an awfully good premise which has been executed.well, I'm obviously tempted to say "rather awfully", but it's not ALL bad. The idea of having to find one's way through some tunnels with MINIMAL lighting, and mostly sound to guide oneself by, is undeniably genius. The problem here is.there's nothing "minimal" about it. Much of the time, we're just talking a black screen with a tiny white cursor dot in the middle of it. So in other words, unless you're Mr Precision himself with the mouse, you honestly don't even know if you're staring straight at the ceiling or the floor half the time. And the sounds are.well, I'm not sure they helped ME that much, but I am admittedly the kind of person who needs his ears syringed of wax every so many years, so maybe I just need to visit a doctor sometime. Or maybe.just maybe.the devs thought of a brilliant way to create a sellable "product" with very little need for, y'know.those things that they call "graphics" (which aren't particularly awesome when you DO seem some daylight, I might add). So does this mean that this is yet another "walking simulator"? Oooooh, GOD no. We have COMBAT, believe it or not.in the form of pressing "quick-time" keys in aforementioned total blackness and hearing the guard we are allegedly attacking say things like: "Oy, would somebody 'elp me? Somebody's ATTACKIN' me 'ere.oy, 'e's just punched me in the FACE, so 'e as.is anyone goin' to 'elp me? Cor blimey!" or words to roughly that effect. Fortunately the voice acting is fairly reasonable, so one must be grateful for small blessings, and yet. Honestly, it's hard to even review what it is we have here. Even if this qualifies as a "game" per se - and not a "con", as some other reviewers on the Store page have posited - it certainly doesn't appear to be a completed one, or even a semi-polished one. It's more like a demo with (questionable) promise. Henceforth I cannot, in all good conscience, give this anything resembling a recommendation, but who knows? Perhaps one day this game will be: a. complete, and b. rather good. Even on sale it's a pretty dubious proposition at this point in time. Verdict: 4/10 (for now, at least).

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