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The Rockets is not a person's team, it belongs to everyone

Through the tough game, the Rockets finally won the key victory, the big score rewritten as 3 to 1, hand match point, only one step http://www.officialraptorstore.com/Bruno_Caboclo_Jersey will be able to qualify. Although the win, but the core Harden the game's state is not good, after the game, Harden admitted that he was suffering from an ankle injury. The whole Rockets on the Thunder series, the biggest surprise is Harden and Westbrook, the two most popular MVP this season between the duel. In today's game, Westbrook scored three pairs in the first half, the state is like God help, the other side of the Harden has formed a sharp contrast, the first three quarters only 8 points, 11 vote only 2.
"I had a sprained my ankle on the last game, which made me lose my predecessor, but it was not good, and I would not take an excuse for injury." Harden said in an interview.
"Every night he will bring us great help, tonight is only one of them.He both ends of the attack and defense have demonstrated their extraordinary strength, which is the reason we win. This is a winning team The Rockets is not a team of people, it belongs to everyone. Throughout the season, I have very much trust my teammates. "Harden said.
Everyone knows that Harden and Westbrook are rare Raptors DeMar DeRozan Purple Jersey Rockets thunderbolt, who can strangle each other, who will not far away from the victory. Tonight the state of the gap between the two so big, it seems the Rockets really want to hang, can replace the powerful firepower to make up for the core of the poor disadvantage, 64 points off the bench to become the key to winning the Rockets, Three playoffs three pairs of magic performance become empty cut.
Although the first three quarters because of injury, Harden has not been able to open the situation on the offensive end, but he has fully played his ability to lead his teammates, through the ball for the Rockets to make contributions. Until the fourth quarter, Harden was back feel, 5 vote 3 get 8 points to help the team won the final victory.
To say that the game Rockets to play the best player was undoubtedly veteran inside, he played in 25 minutes in 12 shots, scored 28 points and 10 rebounds, but also tied http://www.officialraptorstore.com/Pascal_Siakam_Jersey the NBA history single game hit record The After the game about the excellent performance of his teammates, Harden also hesitate to praise the word.

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