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Super Meat Boy is a tough as nails platformer where you play as an animated cube of meat who's trying to save his girlfriend (who happens to be made of bandages) from an ev 5d3b920ae0

Title: Super Meat Boy
Genre: Indie
Team Meat
Release Date: 30 Nov, 2010


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My friend gifted this to me.. Died 200 times in the same place and still came back to finish the game.. Died over 9000 times, broke 7 Xbox controllers, 3 keyboards and my computer screen and im still playing it. 5/5 would recommend to anyone.. I've always heard about this game as some sort of platforming wonder, but I was very dissapointed. I knew going in that the game was supposed to be frustrating, but I felt more frustrated with the game itself than with my ability to play it. The worst part is that while running or in the air Meat Boy feels like (you guessed it) a wet piece of meat, slippery and unresponsive. I saw it less as a rewarding challenge and more of a game that was frustrating for the sake of being frustrating. The other problem with the game was its stance on keyboards. I understand that many people feel that controllers are better for platfomers, but insulting keyboard users every time the game opens (which frequently crashed by the way), as well as having no in-game way to edit keyboard controls is too much. I did buy a controller, and though I have to admit that I am having a lot of fun playing other games with it, hardly increased the playability of this game. Wasn't impressed even at 90% off.. Main point(goal) : 1.In the game we control Meat Boy, a red, cube-shaped character, as he attempts to rescue his girlfriend, Bandage Girl, from the game's antagonist Dr. Fetus. Gameplay: 1.The gameplay is characterized by fine control and split-second timing as we run and jump through over 300 hazardous levels while avoiding obstacles. 2.Super Meat Boy is an extremely difficult game. Make the slightest mistake and you'll have to restart the stage over from the beginning [there are no checkpoints]. -We can even call to memory that this game was critically acclaimed and In 2010 it received awards for Most Challenging Game. 3. But, actually, you have unlimited tries and most stages take less than a minute to complete once you know what you're doing.. Never have I had so many thoughts of murder (my lawyer advised me to inform that no murder has yet taken place).This game is so punishing and yet so so addictive you will be forced to play this game until you die or complete it, which ever comes first (most likely the former). Unfortunately I wasn't informed of the gravity of this game's ability to insight rage induced deaths, and so in my ignorance, I vowed to myself that I would not write a review until the game was complete. So after 17 hours of sweaty, screaming game time I am finally giving you my opinion on this torture sim. Although this game is very hard and the majority of its players are now lying in padded cells, it is actually an incredibly addictive and fun masterpiece by the makers of The Binding Of Isaac, Team Meat. The games replayability is surprisingly prominent with its dark levels and secret hidden easter eggs and warp worlds. In short, Super Meat Boy is about a small boy made of meat (pretty super if you ask me) on a journey to rescue his girlfriend, bandage girl, from the evil super villan, doctor fetus. His journey takes him on an adventure through such worlds as "rapture" and "woods" filled with conveniently placed walls (and inconveniently placed spinning blades) for fast paced and difficult 2D parkour. This game's blend of dark humour and impossible to complete final levels will leave you laughing whilst also crying in fear and rage. This N-esque game (most amazing flash game ever) targets your nostalgia whilst also inviting new game mechanics and much harder levels. Some of the bosses are quite reminiscent of The Binding of Isaac, not in gameplay, but in it's spooky, speechless personality. This game is notoriously challenging yet its sense of achievement is found in few other games on steam. This game deserves a strong 9.5/10 with the only downside being its floatyness (sorry, personable opinion) however this game will always have a place in my heart.

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