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Strata Management Sydney Job Role Revolves Around Three Major Categories

Strata Management Sydney Job Role Revolves Around Three Major Categories

Generally, we all get confused between Strata Management Sydney and property managers. Many of us think that they both do the same job. But they both have quite different roles.

The Difference Between A Property Manager And Strata Title Management Sydney

·         A Property Manager is responsible for looking after the individual properties when they are hired by the property owners. These days they are high in demand among the people having a wide array of properties and they need someone to take care of them.  The property managers do a lot of work regarding the property including collecting rent, act as a liaison between owners and tenant. Moreover, they also conduct property checks in order to ensure that the property will remain in good condition. Hiring a property manager means getting rid of stress associated with your property.

·         On the other hand, a Strata Management Sydney is considered responsible for a block of properties. It stands for typically an apartment block. A Strata manager’s role is a bit tricky. They are responsible for ensuring legal and insurance compliance and property maintenance. Moreover, their job role also includes that all the administration data and records are being kept accurate and up to date to stay away from any sorts of hassles. Apart from it, they are also responsible for maintaining the peace in the society among the residents. They assist residents within the building if there is any disputes or concerns going on among them

Strata Title Management Sydney’s Job Revolves Around Prominent Three Categories - 

·         Administration – They deal will all sorts of correspondence in respect of building on its own. They collect the correspondence from tenant and owners as well. They take the appropriated initiative after checking out them. Apart from it, they also tackle the correspondence coming from outside.  They are also responsible for handling a wide array of things coming under the maintenance of common property right form keeping the pool clean to identifying the building’s place need the repair or replacement. They also make sure that building must look beautiful. In short, they do a lot of work putting their best efforts.

·         Financial – This is the next category on the list considered quite important. They prepare the budget and then wait for its approval from the owner’s corporation or committee for approval. They also check out the invoices. Moreover, they also keep a close eye if all sorts of fees and payment have been made on the time and they must not get late at any rate.

·         Social – Every one wish to live in a good society having a positive atmosphere. Strata Management Sydney also covers this point. They do the best to eradicate the issues going on between or among the residents of the society. They try their best to make everyone at peace.

If you have not hired the best Strata Management Sydney yet, you must go ahead to get rid of the unwanted stress and have a peaceful life.


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