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About This Game

Galaxy is on fire,only you can save it!
Design your own spaceship, defeat rebels and pirates cross galaxy!
Gorgeous explosions and b 5d3b920ae0

Title: StarShip Constructor
Genre: Indie, Early Access
Release Date: 19 Jul, 2017


  • OS: Windows XP
  • Processor: 2 GHz Dual Core
  • Memory: 2048 MB RAM
  • Graphics:/p>

English,Simplified Chinese

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EDIT 11 months later: The dev has abandoned this game, no updates, and the game has very serious crashes that will stop you from completing it. STAY AWAY. The concept is good, the game is good, but BUGS ARE TOO BAD. Considering the price, it's early access, and developed by one person, the game is going on quite good, keep up the good work! My recommendatios: u00b7 You have to solve warps. You warp into mines, you warp into allied ships and are then attacked by everyone, it's a complete mess. u00b7 Undocks suffer the same problem but less often. You get thrown away as if you needed speed to take off a battleship, and if there is another ship or an asteroid, booom!! u00b7 When allied ships collide into you, they blame you and if severely damaged will attack you. u00b7 Color editor could be richer, and moreover white doesn't even work. It would be nice to be able to paint by layers (to paint the hull you have to remove all the components). u00b7 Movement mechanics are weird considering we're in space. Moving objects in space don't stop moving as a car would. When you get motors from one side blown up, you start moving in circles, that shouldn't happen and does not happen to NPCs. The ships behave more like a boat than like a spaceship. It's cool though.. Awesome little game, a lot like SPAZ in play style crossed with a few other similars. Can't wait to see where the dev takes it from here.. Good game. Wish there was more of it, but I am happy with what i paid for it.. i like it its like playing war as a kid but instead of the plastic soldiers its pixel ships great little game for the money. UI and combat style is similar to SPAZ1 and Reassembly. It you like those games you probably like this game too. it is good game but short compare to SPAZ1, Reassembly. My play time is currently almost 8 hour and I have maximum size ship. Even I am on the level 2/5 sector. I reach to the maximum and unlock everything and have huge money. Is that because of the low price? Things need to be done list. Mostly UI improvements. 1.Block size and block performance shoud be proporion. The performance is same regardless the size. So the smallest blocks are always the best. It minimize the change to be shot and maximize the armor and hull. All spec includes weight are same now. 2.Need a key (ESC) to go back in the menu. Currently, you need to press the button with mouse respectively. 3.Function to select multiple weapons and blocks. 4.Maximum ship size limitation should be increased. You can't rebind your keys? I don't want to reach across the whole keyboard to activate the most important skill. Refund, thanks for wasting 10 minutes of my life.

UPDATE WORKSHOP BETA : The game now supports Steam Workshop . Workshop can be used to share the ships you made. You can also download ships uploaded by other players through the workshop. Welcome to join the Workshop beta test, upload your ships, and let other players download them :D More related features (such as ARENA) will come in the future. IMPORTAND Workshop is still in the Beta test If you want to join the test, please enter the test code " starshipworkshop2019 " to unlock the workshop beta branch.. Update Version : Update Overview:. Update ---- FIRING MODE : I have been designing and developing a quest system recently. It should be available before Christmas. And it took me a lot of time. So. This update is not very big.. UPDATE New StarMap : Update Overview:. Release Today! : Release Today. Small Update : Update Overview:. UPDATE : Update Overview:. UPDATE MODULE MERGE : Added the module merge function. The same type of modules will be automatically connected together. After this update, The shape of the ships will change, Suggest that you reconstruct a spacecraft after update. Update the game engine to a new version.. Update Version 0.8.5 : Update overview:. UPDATE : For various reasons,I haven't posted an update notice for a while. Actually, the game has been updated several times.

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