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What Does Sports Podiatrist Darlinghurst Specialise In?

Sports Podiatrist Darlinghurst mainly relate to the branch of the allied health which is devoted to diagnosis, medical treatment and prevention of the disorders of the ankle, foot and lower extremity. These experts are particularly trained for identifying and treating the biochemical issues which would inevitably lead to a decreased performance or injury.

They specialise in the foot related issue including the injuries of the tendons, muscles, joints and ligaments, skin and nail issues like ingrown toenails, callus, fungal infections, blisters, systemic diseases which manifest themselves in feet like neurological conditions and diabetes.

Muscles or joint injuries in feet

When the patient suffers a lower leg or foot injury, he needs to see this expert immediately for receiving the appropriate treatment and advice. These experts will have to understand cause of injury, any kind of previous injuries and level of activities before the injury occurs. A thorough analysis of the site of injury would be then conducted including the joints and muscle testing, range of the motion studies, strength test for determining the diagnosis.

A comprehensive assessment of a patient running or asking would then be conducted for outlining the issues with the knee or the foot or hip alignment which might be causing to this condition. Analysis of video gait is used for identifying any kind of biochemical problems for precisely and clearly explaining them to the person and any other health practitioner involved.

On the basis of the diagnosis, the soft tissues therapy, shoe modifications, orthotics, stretching or strengthening program, dry needling and gait re-training could be prescribed.

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