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Skinny Is Green Has Posted A Project at Indiegogo for Seeking Funding Support


Baltimore, United States (February 13th, 2018) – The duo Rav and Punit, who came as immigrants to the United States share a common goal. Both of them were not just born, but also raised in Nepal, which is a small land-locked nation between China and India. Together they started creating tunes that pervades through their religion, culture and nationality.

Now, the duo with their band called Skinny is Green has posted a project at Indiegogo to gather funds from supporters for their project named Look in through me. With a flexible goal of $5000, they indie music enthusiasts have so far gained $872 from 20 backers.

The band is planning to use the funds they gather from this project for mastering, for creating album art, CD packaging and duplication, promotional promotion and also for other works related to the album. As this is a DIY band, the duo has already started recording process for songs from the album.

The perks for supporters include and not restricted to t-shirts, Rav’s Cool telecaster guitar, house concerts, CDs and signed posters. The band has already started filming a documentary behind making this album, which will give the supporters an insight on the creative process.

About Skinny is Green:
Rav had his brand name as Kathmandu denoting the capital city of his country of origin. Then, he decided his band name is Skinny in Green as a remembrance of his schools days, where his friends used to mock him for wearing an extra-large green shirt.

For more information, please visit https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/look-in-through-me-skinny-is-gre...


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