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Santamedical announces new wrist Digital blood pressure monitor

Santamedical wrist Blood Pressure Monitor is available on Santamedical's website which is a light weight and compact device. The accuracy of the monitor is impeccable. Energy efficient, the device works on batteries and stores up to last 60 readings with date and time.

 Hypertension has emerged as a global disease and affects all socioeconomic strata and geographic distribution. Developed world including America is not unaffected by the condition. Hypertension does not produce any symptoms on its own. It presents itself only with complications and these complications could arise quite late in the course of the disease making it non amenable to medical therapy. These complications could be heart attack, hypertensive heart disease, renal failure, eye disease or stroke. These complications can be avoided by detecting the disease early and that's only possible with regular BP monitoring.


Various BP monitors are available in the market, electronic as well as aneroid. Santamedical has been a trusted name amongst marketers of health care products and this time they have launched Santamedical wrist Blood pressure monitor. The device is especially useful for those who have arm circumference larger than average. The cuff of the monitor is to be worn one cm above the wrist crease and the device detects radial pulse. The device is as accurate as the standard arm BP monitors.


The device is being used worldwide in various hospitals. The monitor is light weight and compact. Operated with batteries, it is energy efficient and stores last 60 readings with date and time. The display of the device is large enough and can be read easily from a distance. The accuracy of the device is beyond question and it can measure the BP over a wide range. The cuff of the device should be completely deflated before starting the measurement. One should also be mindful not to tie the cuff too tightly to avoid false high results. Also, one should be careful with very large wrist size. The device is available on company's website ie  www.santamedical.com at a very reasonable price. This can also be a perfect gifting solution for the one you care.

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