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Every actor knows how important the concept of relaxation is. It is essential that this is the first place an actor start. Relaxation for the actor consists of both the physical and the mental. Being relaxed allows the creativity of both the mind and the body to flow without interruption or constraint. It is something that should not only be done before every show, but before every practice also.


Relaxation cannot be a forced thing. In must be induced. There are many was to self induce relaxation. First physically you can perform some simple stretches. Start by rolling your head and neck in a circle from shoulder to shoulder. Then roll your shoulders. Next stretch you hands out in front of you and extend your fingers. Now reach your hands way above your head as far as you can. Next slowly lower yourself at the waist until your hands touch your toes (or as close as you can come). Then slowly stand and just shake out your body. Bounce on your toes from side to side. Jump up and down a little. The idea is to get your body loose and your blood flowing.


Now we move on to mental relaxation. This is really just a matter of putting out of your mind your day to day life, so that you and fully concentrate on acting and the situation your character is in. The physical exercises should start to relax you mentally. To help this; while you are doing your physical exercise try thinking of relaxing music in your head. If thought of your day or problems you are having try to creep in, just turn the music up.


A great way to relax mentally is to just look around the room. Look at the colors on the walls. Study the changes in them. Look at the molding and how it blends the room together. Check for cracks in the ceiling or count the holes in the tiles. Look at the other actors around you. How many are there? Do any of them wear glasses? How many do not have their natural hair color? Put them in order form oldest to youngest, tallest to shortest, etc.


Don't ever confuse relaxing with just not thinking. Relaxing is far more than that. Relaxation should not close your mind, but open it to the world around you. Relax with your eyes open, fully awake and attentive. Just free your mind.


When a total state of relaxation is achieved the actor can truly become one with the character. The point is to see the character onstage and not the person or actor. You mind opens to the world that is the play. Once all of you is gone only your character will be seen.


It may take some time to truly master the art of relaxation. Once you do, you will see incredible growth and progress. Relaxation is not the end for the actor. It is only the beginning. All great actors know how to achieve a state of total relaxation.

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