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Rainbow Six Siege provides in Spades

Ubisoft has taken two of its most-liked Rainbow Six Siege Credits and...jammed some loot boxes to them. Even though it may be better to insert loot boxes or years ago the launch of your game instead of right now, surely the most faithful players who've stuck around do not really appreciate the movement, or the premise that because they love the game, they are willing to be milked.

But unlike say, Destiny two, where a cosmetic, compensated loot pool can also be at least marginally accessible by grinding, the only way to get these loot boxes would be by purchasing them in the store for real world cash. Interestingly, it's also different than Ubisoft's own system from The Division, which allows the purchase of cosmetic loot boxes by faming key objects from bosses.

So that is not good, but gamers were also complaining that Ubisoft's stated promise, that these boxes could at least not give you duplicate items when bought, wasn't accurate, though that problem has been repaired, according to Ubi. However, overall, Wildlands gamers are not amused.

But also of note was what Ubisoft was overlooking. Namely, the sorts of microtransaction-based controversies that constantly plagued its fellow programmers, Activision and EA.

Even less amused are game news players, nevertheless. The Rainbow Six Siege issue is a bit more complicated. Loot boxes (technically"loot bags") have been added to the game, which players may not appreciate alone, but it has been tied into a weird price increase for the base game, which rewards bonus loot boxes into new purchases while...hiking up the overall cost.

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