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[ R.U.M.A ] Torrent Download [License]

[ R.U.M.A ] Torrent Download [License]

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About This Game

Welcome to Random Unstable Matter Acquisition, [R.U.M.A], where YOU have been selected to pioneer our latest technology in deep space resource collection. Of course, you won't be alone, our trusty little invention, the [R.U.M.A.D], will be on hand to help see you through thick and thin! However, you must bare in mind, this is no easy task. Once inside the Random Unstable Matter Acquisition Chamber, [R.U.M.A.C], you'll be put through a rigorous test of dexterity, spatial awareness, and multitasking in your efforts to combine and deposit as many Random Unstable Matter Particles, [R.U.M.P](s), as you can! Oh, and one last tip, don't forget to not breath! 7ad7b8b382

Title: [ R.U.M.A ]
Genre: Action, Casual, Indie, Simulation
Jonathan Bartram, Thomas Bartram
Jonathan Bartram, Thomas Bartram
Release Date: 5 Nov, 2016


A fun casual game.
You collect colored blobs and have to throw them at a collector bot. Blobs you don't actively hold float around and can collide with each other, which increases the radiation level. If it gets too high, you lose.
At the higher levels more difficult than it sounds.
The gameflow kind of reminds me of Tetris when you collect a blob and then wait for your "helper" to want the correct color.
. Nice casual game making good use of the medium. You collect blobs of the three primary colors floating around you and pass them on to a robot. Blobs of the same color can be joined, yielding larger blobs that give more points, while blobs of different color bounce of each other and mutually reduce their size (and thus value). The robot's accepted color changes randomly. After getting a knack for reliably grabbing blobs (grabbing a bit too soon or a bit too late as it approaches, you repel it instead), increasing difficulty arises from larger numbers of blobs and a limit imposed if there are too many around.

The principle is simple and the gameplay casual, but it's still fun to play it now and again and a good demonstration of the immersion VR offers. Runs well on my GTX 1070 OC system, plays well with a limited play space (mine is currently 2.4 by 1.8 meters), and involves no artificial locomotion. Graphics are nice and polished. Recommended, especially at the current price of about 2\u20ac.

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