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After improving the game and having many play testers play Prospekt. Today i'm releasing a huge update for the Summer Sale! This includes:

Title: Prospekt
Genre: Action
Richard Seabrook
Richard Seabrook
Release Date: 18 Feb, 2016


  • OS: Windows XP or higher
  • Processor: 3.0 GHz Pentium 4, Dual Core 2.0 (or higher) or Athlon 64 X2 (or higher)


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Roll Call : Hello everyone, before the year is up I think its time for an update on the situation with Prospekt. As you may or may not of known I was considering switching over the game to UE4. However after discussion with Valve they have provided me with a more up to date version of the engine and therefore youll be happy to hear that Prospekt will stay on Source Engine. I have been reluctant to expand the team as I have worked on projects where larger teams mean diminishing returns mainly on management and production. However due to my commitments and the sheer amount of work. I am going to take a different approach and give it a shot and today I will start the push to expand the team to a level where we can make more content for the Half-Life universe. What we desperately still need is a competent C++ developer, this has been a sticking point for us for a long time as these people are gold dust and I can see why as this is a very technical skill set. If you are out there and would love to help us on this project. Please contact me! I will need the C++ developer to be able to obtain or have a static IP due to security measures. This unfortunately is non negotiable. We can help arrange this if you do not have one but have a static IP service from your ISP. Also all applicants will need to be able to use version control software and please upon application provide prior examples of work. The image I have posted shows the roles that we think are required. Anyone interested can contact me here: Richardseacorptech.com If you feel you can contribute in another way still feel free to email in and we will consider your application. I hope 2019 can bring us a more productive year where we can push on and continue. For now I will bid you a Happy New Year and will see you all in 2019. Hopefully with a awesome team to continue production. Have Faith.. Prospekt first update is live! : Hello all, its been a mad week and i've got to get up for Egx in London in 5 hours time and drive for 3 hours to go to Egx Rezzed but that being said, ive put a beta build of Prospekt up to play on the game so all you have to do is put the game into the beta mode in your games settings. Prospekt Beta 1.0 should be the name. This update includes: 1. A complete like for like copy of the enemy health and difficulty of Half-Life 2 Episode 2. 2. New shotgun soldier skin ( Red ) to differentiate between the enemy types. 3. New significantly reduced overlay for flashbacks. 4. Massively reduced both shaking and HDR exposure on the final level. 5. 200mb reduction in file size of the game. If everyone is happy over the upcoming days with this I will implement it permanently. I'll be in London till the 9th not back until the 10th. Let me know what you all think. Once again thank you all for your support. I am listening to everyones feedback.. Prospekt Update 1.1! --- New Direction --- : Hello everyone Rich here, after taking a tonne of feedback from everyone I've drafted a new direction for Prospekt to go in which myself and others feel will send the game in a much better direction. Im currently getting ready to roll out the first game update early next week which will fix some issues that everyone was highlighting such as the game being too hard, flashbacks being too bright, lack of cover etc. So that should all be out mid/late next week if all goes to plan. However there are big plans in the works behind the scenes here to make Prospekt a bigger and much more enjoyable game. This will take some time. But we think what were going to add will make a lot of people enjoy Prospekt much more. So yeah, I am listening to all of your feedback and will be designing accordingly. Thank you all once again for your support on Prospekt. See you soon. Rich P.S, this is not an April Fools. Release date push back to 18th of Feb : For all those who still don't know, Prospekt has been pushed back very slightly to the 18th of Feb due to the Steam Lunar Sale. Apologies for this. Rich P.S You'll all be happy to know the game is now wrapped and ready to go.. Black Forest Update : Hello everyone Rich here! So after my last post i've been hard at work. Today im happy to announce the Black Forest update! To celebrate this i've put the game on sale so you can pick it up and play it if you haven't already before the big update comes along. I'm hoping that it will come out in early spring. This will be a big change to the game and will hopefully mix up the corridor style that some people didn't like so much. I've learned a lot and evolved my designs, hopefully this shows in the trailer. I would also like to announce that the soundtrack for the game will be coming for free as DLC in the next few days if not tomorrow. I did want this coupled with today but I had to get the trailer ready. In the meantime, if you want to come and talk about the new trailer feel free to come join us over on the discord! Also just a quick note to all users getting this strange water pink and black issue on level three. I think i've fixed it and it's ready to be sent to you all. However when the game goes on sale sometimes there's a lot of traffic and I don't want to push a fresh update incase something breaks for everyone playing. If you are having that issue I am hoping to get it resolved in the next 24/48 hours so apologies and I will fix it for you asap.

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