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In addition, it will level out any pitting in the metal for a smooth finish with fewer coats and less time. When this product is applied, it will seal the area that experienced the rust and prevent the rust from recurring.

About PM Industries: PM Industries offers their customers a full line of automotive paints, primers, rust removers and sealers to allow automotive shops and automobile owners to restore their vehicles back to their original condition. Mastercoat Extreme Permanent Rust Sealer is capable of accepting any type of paint and primer to allow car owners the flexibility they require when painting their cars. After its application, the surface will be toothy, which allows the paint to adhere more securely without the need for priming. Perhaps the greatest benefit of this product is it strengthens the structure of the metal. This product is sunlight stable and can easily be sanded to a feathered edge for the best possible results in restoring a vehicle to its original look. In addition to serving the automotive industry, PM Industries also specializes in industrial and farm equipment, ensuring the protection of metal surfaces. This innovative product combines a rust preventive product with a metal filler so users don't have to worry about applying more than one product to vehicles.

The new Mastercoat Extreme Permanent Rust Sealer is different from other similar products on the market in many ways.) March 12, 2013 - West Milford, New Jersey, March 11, 2013: PM Industries is pleased to announce they now offer the advanced Mastercoat Extreme Permanent Rust Sealer product for China DC Motors Factory those who complete automotive work, restoring cars that are dealing with rust issues.

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