Always Free To Place a Hit On Someone

Should You Pay Attention to the Opponent?

Imagine you are the person who tells your kid to go to bed. Imagine you're in bed, in a hurry to get to sleep. You open your eyes and see that your kid is unresponsive, and you're wondering, "What happened to him?"

So, as the child situs idn poker struggles to get into bed, his gaze looks like an alert for you to get up and do something about it. Then he grumbles and cries and tugs at your sheet. But you don't get up and do anything. Your child just rolls over on his back, looking to be having a nightmare.

It may sound far-fetched, but it's all true - the same concept occurs when you're playing a game of poker and your opponent has three of a kind. First, you would expect him to get his chips out of the table and ready to play. Then you would look at the table and see that his chips have been taken out, and you have no chips. At this point, you would be pretty confused.

This hypothetical situation doesn't occur when you are a poker player, but it's still a reality. You might not know that you need to move your hand around the table to the best effect and keep others from winning, but your opponents will.

Now let's say that you do decide to go on and make your move, and your opponent makes his. What would you do next? If you didn't know that you had an opponent in the first place, you'd have a hard time guessing now. The chances are that the player to your left would be thinking the same thing, and so would the player on your right.

This applies to many poker situations - things happen very quickly in poker, and unless you see the other players, you'll be out of position. This is why you should be sure that you can get in and out of these positions when you must. Don't waste time trying to figure out what the other players are doing when they aren't in a position to be doing it.

Face it - if you didn't know that you were playing against someone, you would probably lose your temper even more easily. You could be mad, upset, angry, etc., but you would definitely take a swing or two if you didn't know what you were up against. You wouldn't act reasonably, because you'd think you were up against a better player.

Remember these points as you consider how you should react to the opposite situation. That situation is the one which keeps you from winning. If you don't know what's going on, then it's time to realize what you're up against and to see what you can do to keep others from winning.

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