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Planetary Settlers Download For Windows PC

Planetary Settlers Download For Windows PC

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About This Game

This is a game with real benefits! You can learn facts about the solar system and science as you play! Planetary Settlers is a family friendly video game about exploring the solar system. Experience realistic gravity as you control Blue 42 on each planet, completing mini games, uncovering secrets, and completing quizzes to enhance your abilities as you explore and help humanity reach out into the solar system!

Early Access:
Planetary Settlers is playable, with many more features in development, and you have the opportunity to suggest additional features and provide other suggestions to guide the future of the game. I currently have the inner solar system, with a level each for Mercury, Venus, Earth, the Moon, and Mars.

Planned updates:
  • Add a level for each of the other planets, as well as Pluto, some of the more notable moons, and more!
  • Add more minigames to each of the existing inner planet levels.
  • Add a leveling system (e.g. more nanites gives more powerful abilities)
  • Add text color customization option

Planetary Settlers is currently in development. Take control of an advanced AI robot named Blue 42, and explore the vast solar system, to include the different planets and many of the moons. Explore our possible future in the year 2142, with realistic environments based on imagery and data we have gathered on the various planets and moons. Gravity is accurate, when you jump, throw a rock, or fly, you will experience the actual gravity of the planet / moon.

Blue 42 has the following features, which can be enhanced through collecting more nanites:
  • Various technologies to shield against the harsh environments of space and various worlds, to include extreme heat, extreme cold, low pressure, high pressure, corrosive chemicals, radiation, and harmful dust.
  • A color customizable light, with adjustable brightness
  • An color customizable projectile generator, a "gravity probe" to see the effect of gravity on each world, and to have fun with. You can even make the projectiles glow a color of your choosing. More nanites allow you to increase velocity
  • Treads, to move along the surface. Can be adjusted to go very fast if you collect enough nanites!
  • Tread jumper - Jumps by launching the treads down quickly (sort of like how a grasshopper hops). Power can be boosted to allow you to leap over a building!
  • Jetpack to fly!
  • Grabber beam to hold and release large objects. Note: It is fun to throw things by grabbing them, running at high velocity, and releasing, or by grabbing, rotating quickly and releasing.

This game is being developed first for Windows PCs / laptops, but I plan to expand into other languages and other platforms later. 7ad7b8b382

Title: Planetary Settlers
Genre: Adventure, Indie, Early Access
Leveler Games
Leveler Games
Release Date: 18 Jun, 2017


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 7 (or newer) 64 bit
  • Processor: 64 bit processor
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Integrated graphics card (or better)
  • Storage: 8 GB available space


planet settlement game. planet fitness settlers ridge. planetary settlers. planet fitness settlement

The full price is a tad expensive IMO but it was worth it at 75% off.

Graphics are amateurish, same for sounds, music is not great. But it is a fun little game overall with the small challenges and quizzes.. The full price is a tad expensive IMO but it was worth it at 75% off.

Graphics are amateurish, same for sounds, music is not great. But it is a fun little game overall with the small challenges and quizzes.. The full price is a tad expensive IMO but it was worth it at 75% off.

Graphics are amateurish, same for sounds, music is not great. But it is a fun little game overall with the small challenges and quizzes.

Evil Aliens Named A'kramm:
The people of Earth have decided that the evil aliens shall be called A'kramm. We picked up a brief transmission from deep space, possibly in the direction of their home world. This is the word we heard "A'kramm". No idea what it means. However, shortly after that transmission was picked up, the sun had its biggest, most devastating solar flare we have ever seen by far. We are wondering if there is a connection. A mere word in radio waves should not be able to cause such a catastrophic event. Rumors are that an alien ship was detected in close orbit around the sun, could there be a connection there? Congratulations to the winner BlackDraft!

(Again, for the little ones - this is Planetary Settlers story, not really happening). More Achievements (minor update):
I fixed a few bugs and released the next 3 achievements (with a total of 8 now achievable).. Hot Stuff: Fixes, Features, and a Super Power:

I have performed a number of updates in the past week, to include the following:

  • Flowing lava on Venus - The lava now has an interesting flowing effect.
  • Power Projectile Superpower - Increase the projectile's impact by an order of magnitude (x10)! When you launch a projectile at something, it will have a major impact, moving the object with great force. If the object is small (e.g. a chair or small rock), it will likely go flying off into the distance! This is planned to be something you have to unlock later, but is currently available from the start, in the pause menu!
  • Dialogue update - The dialogue now disappears from the screen once you "enter" through all the text for that conversation. Your current objective is now tracked in the pause menu, instead of always sitting at the bottom of the screen, allowing for a better view.
  • Menu update - Updated the positioning of several of the menu items to make it more organized and improve the look. I plan on making further improvements to this in another update.
  • Multiple bug fixes
. Alien Awakening Update:
They're here! Make your way from Mars, inward toward the A'kramm vessel orbiting the sun, and see if you can save Earth from further catastrophe! Visit all the planets of the inner solar system, and the moon along the way. Turn on life support to the Mercury Multiplex, then rescue the colonists, go to the roof and enter the new portal to the A'kramm! Good luck, Earth is counting on you!
. Artwork Contest - September 2018:

Space Themed Artwork Contest - September 2018. New Secret and Upgraded Menu:

Can you get 100% game completion? My latest update features the following improvements:
  • Pluto Secret - Now you can get the Secret Scrap medal on Pluto if you find the secret area!
  • Progress Tracker in the pause screen menu - This tracks game completion percentage, as well as progress percentage for the current level.
  • Restart Level Button - This button lets you restart the level in case anything goes wrong (e.g. you try to grind up your puzzle blocks) or you just want to restart the level.
. Alien Awakening Continued:
A minor update, to where you can now negotiate with the A'kramm. Find a communications terminal at the bottom of their ship. If negotiations go well, you can save the Earth. If they go wrong, Earth could be destroyed! Good luck!

Note: I also fixed a few bugs :-). Cloud saves, medals, and more!:
Here are my latest updates! I am working hard to have Planetary Settlers ready to make a good first impression in a couple days. Keep in mind that Planetary Settlers is still in Alpha and Early Access, and there will still be some bugs. Please let me know in the community chat if you find any. I am aware of some bugs, and am working to fix them. I have already fixed all the known high priority bugs. Release is in two days, exciting stuff!

  1. Implemented and tested Steam cloud saves, so now your save will follow you even if you switch computers!
  2. Added in game level medals
  3. Fixed some minor bugs (e.g. wrong sound playing on certain parts of the dialogue)
  4. Changed the portal mechanic to allow you to teleport with E, or to jump into the portal (contact the wavy part) to teleport. This should avoid accidental teleportation from backing into the portal.
  5. Updated the Planetary Settlers Icon
  6. Added partial controller support. The controller allows for finer control than the keyboard and mouse. Note that you will still need a mouse to make menu adjustments (like adjusting your speed). I plan to add controller menu support later, it will be difficult to get all the menu items editable via controller.

. Planetary Settlers Survey:
I have created a short survey for Planetary Settlers here, please feel free to let me know what you think! This way, you can help shape the future of the game!


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