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Microsoft Office 365 natively runs on the cloud, and whether you’ve created a new document, a new PowerPoint presentation, a new excel worksheet or using SharePoint, everything you do, and all single changes combined, are saved on the cloud itself. 

In uncertain cases of system failure due to some technical fault or cloud service outage, access to Office 365 accounts and Office files would be affected, and this stands common to all Office 365 customers, including organisations.

Loss in access is not the only thing that can affect businesses & organisations, along-with technical faults and service outages, there stands more reasons resulting in data (on the cloud) loss.

Even with a cloud service like Office 365, loss of data is an issue, as it ensures the data availability in the present state, but it doesn’t run a backup service in synchronisation for worst situations.

According to a SaaS report by Aberdeen Group came out in January 2013, a total of 32% of organisational (business) data saved in the cloud was lost.

On analysis, a whopping 64% of cloud data was lost only because of human errors, data loss due to software issues was 16%, 13% because of hacker intrusion, and 7% because of malware deletion by antivirus software running on the cloud, as per the report.

This loss of data stands costly for both customers and partners. It was observed that due to worldwide data breaches, a minimum of $1.23 million and $120,00 was entertained by organisations & small (mid-range) business, respectively, the data loss cost. Informing the same, a detailed report was published and made public by Cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Labs; this data was generated through a recent survey.

In organisations, a lot of employees work and the most common medium for the personnel to communicate both internally & externally is email. Employee mailboxes store confidential and dedicated information, and according to the survey, the cost for full organisational backup of a whole year was economical in comparison with the restoration cost of a single email, was found. 

Out of this data loss fiasco, how to ensure Office 365 cloud data safety, and how to minimize the data recovery overall cost, the bottom line appears clear.

Server Consultancy Office 365 Backup is one such solution to eliminate all cloud data backup worries and avoid data loss, available for a wide range of customers.

It’s the next effective service for Office 365 that helps in keeping the customer data safe, amending customer hold, also helps in increasing periodic revenue. It is the best backup solution for Office 365 for organisations including individual customers as well, covering Microsoft Exchange Online, SharePoint for Business, OneDrive for Business, Office 365 Groups, Office 365 Teams, and more.

Server Consultancy backup is super easy to equip and support, and offers excellent customer experience, and comes with free phone & email support during any time frame whenever required. Along with the perks that it comes with, it also helps you in improving the flow of profitability, is easy to sell, high predictions on profitability, and more. It is the sophisticated Cloud Backup Solution made for better partner success.

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