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Clarity, comfort, and protection. These are the top three qualities that come to mind when choosing a pair of sunglasses. Fortunately, the oakley holbrook sunglasses canada nail all three and oozes with style as a bonus. Taking cues from the silver-screen icons of the 1940’s to the 60’s, this pair screams of classic stylishness and is integrated with Oakley’s latest eyewear innovations.

At first glance, the oakley sunglasses canada sale shares a strong family resemblance with the Frogskins, which has been a popular model in its own right. But while the latter leans more toward the classic Wayfarers, the Holbrook maintains a simpler form.Its lenses are rectangular and appear to be plain, until you wear the shades. This is when Oakley’s proprietary optical technologies kick in, spearheaded by the Plutonite lenses that protect the eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays and high-velocity impacts.

If you loved the Frogskin or other oakley sunglasses canada outlet for their capacity to withstand the abuse of daily use, then the Holbrook will not disappoint you. Oakley-Holbrook-sunglasses-5Like its cousins, this model is made with the strong and flexible O-Matter material that snaps the frame back into shape when you try to bend it.

The oakley flak 2.0 canada not only looks good but feels good too, all thanks to the Three-Point Fit exclusive to Oakley eyewear. This ensures that the frame only makes contact at the nosebridge and sides of the head for precision optical alignment without the strain.While most sunglasses hook the ears lazily, which causes hot spots and pressure points, the advanced fitting system sits the specs at just the right angle and distance. As a result, it keeps the air flowing in and prevents dust and dirt from getting into your eyes.

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