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According to Microsoft, the company currently has more than 130 points of presence in the world. According to the location of the office, Azure Virtual WAN connects its network to the nearest connection point. Now Microsoft's ecosystem partners include Citrix and Riverbed. The company said that there will be more vendors offering SDWAN and VPN services in the future. The next wave of lists is Checkpoint, Nuage, Palo Alto Networks and so on.

Another new preview service, Azure Firewall, is based on Azure virtual network resources and provides stateful native firewall protection. It also has built-in high availability and automatic expansion services. With this service, users can use the connection management policy to filter applications and network traffic.

The public preview feature of Azure Firewall is aimed at network traffic filtering and monitoring. The first new feature is the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) filtering function, which uses the FQDN list of enterprise users to restrict the HTTP and HTTPS traffic of the external network from entering the enterprise. In addition, it is a filter rule setting function. In this menu, the network administrator can use the destination address, Port, and agreement as filtering conditions. At the same time, the Azure firewall is also integrated with the Azure monitoring function. The system records the events that are allowed to enter and are blocked from entering the traffic. After being integrated into the Log record, the user can connect to the Azure storage account and archive the data for later analysis.

In addition, the firewall service is also concatenated with other Azure cloud services. The first is the Network Security Group (NSG), which filters network traffic in a virtual network environment, and Microsoft believes that combining NSG with Azure firewall can make the virtual network environment even more Safety. In addition, the Azure firewall is also integrated with the public cloud's DDoS defense service. When the enterprise suffers from DDoS attacks, it can use the network provided by Azure as a buffer to avoid affecting the availability of enterprise services.

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