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NBA 2K19 MyTeam: Weeks 31 and 32

The playoffs have begun, and new content is dropping daily. Pink diamonds like Alonzo Mourning (rated 98, with 14 Hall of Fame badges) and Pascal Siakam (rated 96 with 10 HOF badges) lead the way in new Playoff Moments and Throwback Playoff Moments packs. And as these new overpowered cards are being released, prices are dropping across the board.

Per usual, my main goal is still to flip these cards for a profit,nba mt but it's also been great having the opportunity to try out high-powered cards on the cheap that I would not normally get to try. The PD Alonzo Mourning, for example, was 30K, and that was not even a snipe. And for those of you trying to raise your card count (for galaxy opal Giannis), now is the time to feast on the auction house.If only I could get the last few silver Nuggets players that I am missing to complete the collection. They are still 7K-plus a piece, and I am just going to wait it out a little longer.

Another thing that I find odd is that Heat Check packs have been removed from the pack market. I was slowly but surely trying to fill out those collections, as each finished team meant 25 tokens. , those prices have skyrocketed, so I guess maybe my best option is to sell high and hope I can acquire tokens elsewhere.Now and unfortunately Because in case you were unaware, they added new Token Rewards like a galaxy opal Allen Iverson and a pink diamond Jo Jo White.

Jo Jo's diamond was a domination reward last year, so I am really excited to try out his sick looking new PD. I'd rather have that than certain other PD point guards who have been released recently?-There's still five more Anniversary players to go, and if they follow the pattern of releasing one ever other week, the last card wo not drop until late June. By then we?ˉll have access to all the award winners, which surely will be galaxy opals, so who at that point will care about a pink diamond 20th Anniversary Harden when there will probably be two galaxy opal Hardens out there already (because obviously he?ˉll be MVP and Finals MVP, duh). Click Here

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