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About This Game

The technical definition of the game is: A sandbox survival village-builder with randomly generated terrain and Sims-like AI villagers (that's a mouthful).
But really, Mind the Vikings is supposed to be a more personal take on a genre that oftentimes focuses on building giant anonymous cities. We want you as the player to interact with each and every viking in a unique way, get to know them, and build an amazing viking village with them!

Your feedback is crucial:
We are always changing our path to victory, and with your feedback we'll change many times again, but to give you an idea of what the future might look like, we created this:

Title: Mind the Vikings
Genre: Simulation, Early Access
Release Date: 5 Jan, 2018


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Devs have been on 'vacation' for a looooong time now...
Will adjust review when (if) they get back.

Game is ok, but no updates are being released.
Stay away from this for now.
Great art style
Simple gameplay but still very fun
Actual people who interact with eachother

Kinda unfinished
Overflow of bugs (see in comments how many bugs)
People cannot interact with relics

Add a map, with different islands. Make people fight for the islands. Also add a "peacefull" gamemode with no other vikings.
Make people interact with relics, like climbing the relics.
See people actually coming by boat to the island.
Please dont make the suggestions a DLC.

I would love the devs to reply, thanks.

Overall rating: 7/10

EDIT: if these bugs will be fixed i will give it 8/10.. I played a very, very, very early alpha build. For what it is, it was good. Definitely going in the right direction.

For what's it worth I will check in back later when development moves forward.

Think of Banished, but with Vikings in a low-poly art style.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ZTh157W6sA. Not much to the game yet but i can see a lot of potential. My wife bought this for me using my steam funds for my birthday, this game shows promise.
That being said it is in VERY early access and VERY limited at the moment, so I had to ask for a refund I plan on buying this game later on when it has had more time to marinade in devolopment and get more than a few new features under it's belt.
While I will admit that I have an over appreciation for anything Vikingr related and a love for city builders this seem like a perfect combo for me. I will continue to watch this game develop with great interest.. Fun little game that is obviously in early Alpha.

I decided to buy the game to support the devs.

After playing it for an hour I wanted to let you know it runs super smooth and is already a decent city builder and management game. Well worth the $10 to have a little fun running a viking town.


Add Mobs: Farmable mobs like chickens, cows, pigs, etc...
Add Aggressive Mobs: Rival Vikings, Pirates, ets...
Add Useful Mobs: Horses, Donkeys, Bees, Birds, Deer, snakes, etc...

Farming Depth:
Creating a fenced in area and dropping a person in it is pretty simple for sure. Spice it up a little bit and maybe give us the ability to pick what we grow. This would make having multiple farms/farmers worth while, as well as add another element to farming.

Fishing Depth:
I like the fishing dock but why not add more to it? Maybe fishing boats, nets, etc for the vikings to use. Maybe give us the ability to build boats for fishing/fighting.

Really we are lacking weapons and war. I am sure many people would love at least something simple to fight... just don't make it something crazy although I would not be opposed to dragons. ;-). very simple

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