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Because of differences, the German Liberal Democratic Party withdrew from negotiations with the German Prime Minister Merkel's coalition party and the green party. On Monday (November 20th), Merkel said she had not considered resigning until the end of the negotiations. She preferred to re elect and not to form a minority party government. For this unprecedented situation, German President Steinmeier called on all parties to reconsider their views, and he urged them to make concessions. BBC reports that Merkel faces the biggest challenge in his 12 year career as prime minister. The German Liberal Democratic Party has dropped out of the cabinet negotiations, according to an earlier report by Agence France-Presse, because of key issues such as refugee #cigshotsale acceptance and euro policy. The report also said that the German Free Democratic Party means that the negotiations may lead to the German election, Merkel four re-election newport short cigarettes also faces an uncertain future. The coalition party, the Liberal Democratic Party and the green party needed a coalition to form a coalition government, because the September German election failed to produce a decisive government. At the far right German offbeat choice of Party (AfD) to attract millions of votes, which led to Merkel's forces severely weakened. The three party alliance called "Jamaica alliance" (Jamaica coalition), because the national flag of Jamaica is representative of the CDU, the Liberal Democratic Party and the black, Brand Cigarette yellow and green color. It should be noted that such alliances have not yet occurred at the federal level in germany.

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