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MapleStory: Start Reboot With Your Character in 4ms2

When you create a character in the brand-new Rebbot world, you're entering a wholly different buy Maplestory Mesos two experience! In Reboot, the focus is on battling creatures and earing gear and farming mesos you want through monster drops and development, rather than making purchases from your Cash Shop or purchasing gear from other gamers

Display character's can't do world leap events to servers that are regular, maybe if a REboot 2 is introduced then they could jump between Reboot and Reboot two provided that Reboot two is also on the NA servers. Lets not forget that characters that are made on reboot have certain passive skills that would make world leap way more complex because the support of world leap was not made to handle changing and removing of personality skills, along with other reasons, some of which have already been mentioned.

There's also the issue of "if individuals are permitted to transfer from reboot with their personalities, then I must be allowed to move into re with my characters" because it really wouldn't be fair if somebody funds themselves reboot and gets boosted levels decides they would like to keep their 200+ character with all their openly cubed gear and transports over but if we want to be on reboot we must start all over. If you're allowed to transfer with of your items and progression then I should be permitted to transfer with all of my perm pets and other gear.

Lets also remember the purpose of reboot is not just to only be a non-P2W (or Less P2W) server,MS Mesos is also supposed to serve as a server which operates somewhat like a Classical RPG (despite the "broken" fall tables for Reboot from GMS, if they had been to "fix" them we would have no recognizable cards in almost any server) and give you basic ahead progression through drops rather than buying your way up from other people or via game titles and no trading into other figures (such as your own). That is what you subscribe to when you play Reboot. If you come to the end you don't like that or it's not for you, you have to start fresh on a standard server, just like if people still do not like the standard servers for the way P2W they can function they have to start new on Reboot.

We will need to get ready for this, so you require sufficient number of mesos on your accounts. Obviously, maplestory2 mesos can provide you sufficient maplestory 2 mesos, so you are in the ideal place, what a blessed!

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