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The Empire of the Machines is threatening the entire 5d3b920ae0

Title: Legions of Steel
Genre: Strategy
Studio Nyx
Slitherine Ltd.
Release Date: 16 Jul, 2015


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THE MISSION DESIGN IS RIDICULOUS! I like the game idea. And I am not deep enough into it to say how bad it is. But the tutorial is. astonishing! In some of the first missions, all shots fired, yours and that of the enemy, will hit. (Hit always equal kill). No matter the cover or if your soldier makes a backflip before he shoots with both eyes closed with his right toenail, he will hit. The thing is, the game doesn't tell you that. Try and error baby! This creates not only hillarious moments, where you blow everything the game showed you before into the wind, (positioning, cover, etc.) you even have to do it, and act in complete non sensical ways to complete the missions. Even better, in some of these missions, the AI will go into complete full retard mode, so the player can follow the complete u2665u2665u2665u2665u2665u2665u2665u2665 mission objectives. what I mean with this are enemy soldiers who for one mission dont use overwatch (they did before, now they don't because. ? Design ? idk?) or activley try to show you their back. What wouldn't be so bad, if the game would not had let you fight a mission against a real Ai before. The tutorial (now 7 misisons in, still in tutorial) trains you to play in a way that will let you loose every match, because it forces you to ignore all the realy important basic things in it. This game is not terrible, but given the realy strange mission design decisions and the amount of busy work that I already found in it, I can not recommend it. Spend your bucks elsewhere.. At first glance this looks like Space Hulk. Upon playing you'll find a MUCH deeper tactical gameplay experience. For example assigning command points to give key units a little extra movement/firepower is a very nice mechanic. Every turn the relative positions of units on the grid map.combined with the many movement and fire options.will play out like a mini tactical puzzle culminating in overall success or failure. This game gives you a LOT of options. Many more than most of the newer turn-based tactical shooters currently being released. I'm grateful for this relief from appy, over-simplified, xCom clone games. +1 for a turn-based tactical game that understands how guns work.. 66% chance to hit damn point blank target. I belive player side was called 'commandos', not 'housewifes'. Refunded.. LEGIONS OF STEEL is an incredibly well polished graphically gorgeous and game mechanics stunning science fiction strategy war game where your squad of futuristic Commandos are tasked to protect the universe against cybernetic organisms known as The Machines. The sleek sci-fi artstyle and mechanical ambient music merge to create a dark surreal galactic canvas bathed in deep red slaughter. The look of LEGIONS OF STEEL conjures up comic book memories of ALIEN LEGION and games i used to play on the Commodore Amiga 500 which delivered the whole package in a very visceral satisfying potent way. Its a fun kind of tough where even losing feels exhilarating all the while learning from ones mistakes and going back into the fray to attempt to do better. In LEGIONS OF STEEL combat flows with graceful lethal elegance as units move in a battle ballet of death seeking to achieve the most advantageous tactical position to annihilate their foes. Engaging the enemy means knowing when to do certain command maneuvers such as a strafing attack where the combatant steps out into the open to blast the Machine enemy with metal shredding fire then fade back into cover with such speed one forgets this is a turn based marvel of strategic controlled chaos as they would say in the old ALIEN LEGION comic books. Player and enemy turns are geniously done via table top style dice roll to see who wins the intiative to decide which side moves first. This adds another level of strategy as the player with the initiative roll may decide its better to let the enemy move first as they wait for that right momemt to engage in a ambush maneuver. Before each firing encounter the player can click on the fire panel to see what modifiers are effecting their chances of getting a hit or not thus allowing them to make a decision to fire, move to a more advantageous location or wait until they are in a better situation to engage such as when grenades with different vision and area effects are making for a difficult successful shot or one of your fellow Commandos is in your line of fire thus making for a penalty modifier to hit. Ah wonderful wonderful modifiers! Then there are throwable weapons like the force wall which comes in extremely handy in desperate situations when the enemy needs slowing down or their line of sight blocked buying the player some time to gather their wits and launch a counter attack or retreat to more advantageous ground. The Machine enemy also have their own plethora of grenade weapons which effect the battlefield or just outright kill those who stand against their all consuming might. Have i mentioned yet that there are also ballistic and energy weapons? Animations compliment the futuristic art style perfectly giving inhuman alien menace to The Machines and vigilant heroic stature to The Commandos. Storyboard screens are rich with comic book artistry alive with violently valiant imagery urging the player to continue their war against The Machines. There is both a lengthy campaign mode and skirmish mode where you can play either as the desperately fighting for survival Commandos or the indomitable relentless Machines. For those who desire for more fleshlike opponents there is hot seat as well as multiplayer for your. special needs. Music and sound effects transform my reality into unreality as i suddenly find myself in a science fiction audioscape as if out of the movies FORBIDDEN PLANET and ALIEN among many other forboding paradise nightmare worlds. Truly audiophile elite level of quality. LEGIONS OF STEEL table top majesty in a digital age where screaming metal and liquified flesh fill the battlefields of tomorrow.. Cons: 1.No options menu. -No Resolution changing ingame -No graphic/sound options ingame 2. The UI not only looks as if it was design for an IPad, it has the same icons as if it did. Conclusion: Instant Refund, the gamestate is on par to an Alpha stage, and yet the price is $20. Not worth. ------------------------------------------Edit ------------------------------------- Sukhoi, Look you're the dev. Seeing someone bash your baby might be hard news I get it I'm a programmer myself. But I am also familiar with unity and what it takes for a game to be considered finished. Using the Unity Launcher with its fixed resolution options on startup, its uninformative quality settings from fastest- fantastic is not what a finished game makes. Let me give you an example, the options menu I am referring AT MINIMUM should allow me to: A) Change between fullscreen and windowed B) Change resolution settings C) Anti-Alias (2x at minimum) D) Gamma Settings E) Shadows if applicable F) Texture quality. The user should NEVER be locked into a resolution or windowed/fullscreen and have to EXIT THE CLIENT to change settings. There's a reason every game indie to triple A has this minimum feature. That ALONE was enough to tell me not much thought went into the game itself. A game is half UI, half mechanics. If you have beautiful mechanics and a clunky UI, the user experience suffers, if the UI is gorgeus but you have no game, same thing. Next point: The game is charged at $20, From what I can tell you utilize a 2.5D approach. The character models are in 3D, and the environment is in 2D. Meanwhile the entire game is played from an isometric top down view. Why the u2665u2665u2665u2665 are the characters in 3D, using an HDR animated sprite would convey more information in a more presentable manner than simply using 3D models for the sake of having 3D models. It's as if you included the 3D models to justify a 20 dollar asking price.it doesn't, in fact in this scenario had you gone with HDR textures you'd of allowed for finer detail, stronger asthetic and a $15 asking price without any complaints. UI + This weird Design decision do not warrant $20. Final Point: When you port a game, if at any point the user is able to see the game does not look like it belongs on the system, then the user will feel ripped off. This is not just my experience look at the Arkham Knight reviews on steam PC vs PS4 reviews.it feels, looks, and acts like a shi**y port for pc so people are pi$$ed. Meanwhile on PS4 everyone loves it. Your's behaves fine, but having a giant blurry Android/Iphone/IPad like gui that doesn't scale well with monitor resolution makes me wonder why it's not charged at 5 dollars. I could be wrong on this, but I have never even heard of a game that costs 20 dolars on the Play/App store, let alone one selling well. In the end the game feels unfinished, it looks unfinished, regardless whether or not you'd call it unfinished, that is my take. Had you posted this as an Early Access called it a Beta for example and then got feedback to fix these issues, perhaps my negativity would be directed towards certain mechanics, or perhaps I wouldn't have a single negative view and actualy recommend this product. Unfortunatly that is not the case, and my opinion.. As someone who loves strategy games in general, and who also enjoys space hulk, i was on the fence about buying what appeared to be a "lesser clone". Well i decided to try this out and you know what? This game is a perfect compliment to your strategy collection. This is really the opposite of space hulk (powerful military might in small number against an endless hoard of lesser intelligence beasts). The concept in this game instead of dissimilar opponents, is much more based on two more equal enemies in terms of intelligence and weaponry. The difference between the games is very much worth your money because this title really has its very own feel and in a very good way. I did encounter a bug where the enemy turn would keep running forever so i had to restart. Apart from that very minor annoyance, the game is absolutely fun and challenging. If you like turn based tactical strategy, this is your ticket for a great ride due to the combination of luck/skill making each game a little different and therefore very replayable. You can play a nice quick round anytime you like which is always a good thing thanks to the skirmish mode with the same maps from the campaign as well as a few new ones. Bottom line, its worth the asking price and worth your time.. No variety of levels or atmosphere. Potential though. Unfortunately, no updates since Augest. Hopefully this isn't dead. If it was actively developed still I'd say go for it. The tactical view is actually amazing. But looking at how big the campaign is, if this is as much as the game will ever offer, it's not worth it's current price of $20 as of Feb 2016.. Playing through the tutorial campaign & enjoying learning the game mechanics. The art style & music are both cool too. Only gripes are: 1. screen sometimes shakes wildly in a weird manner when scrolling, and 2. some typos, bad grammar (e.g. missing or misplaced apostrophes) & inconsistent style (e.g. "Machines" is sometimes capitalized & sometimes not) in the text. Hopefully fixed in a patch. But solid gameplay & aesthetic.. Great game, well designed with awesome artwork. I agree with most of what has already been said in other positive reviews, so im not going to repeat it all. If your a fan of sci-fi and or turn based tactical games , this is a must.

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