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LeBron attempted to make a simple buy mt about a talented young rookie

James said he "should have been a Knick" and that the Mavs "got a good one" because New York passed on him to take Frank Ntilikina. LeBron attempted to make a simple comment about a talented young rookie and ended up having to buy mt with all this mess as a result. With the Cavaliers' slow start, the last thing LeBron needs is any additional headaches to sort out. Unfortunately, that's exactly what he got. But, with that being said, he brought it all upon himself. When you get to commenting on the roster decisions of other teams, it generally results in follow-up questions and drama. LeBron should have given his buy mt of DSJ and kept the Knicks out of it but instead he opened up a whole can of worms. As a result, he sorta comes away looking a little petty, even if his intentions were innocent enough.

When LeBron was forced to clarify his remarks about the Knicks screwing up when they passed on selecting Smith Jr., he made it absolutely clear that he was placing the blame on the man who made that decision -- former team president Phil Jackson. Kanter may have taken issue with those comments as well, because he was quick to step into the Cavs star's face during the buy mt on Monday night. The big nba 2k18 ps4 mt seems to be determined to rent some real estate under LeBron's skin, as he also swiftly spat on an Instagram post from LeBron on Tuesday in which James dubbed himself the "King of New York." In this week’s edition of Rob’s Rants we delve into the enemy among us, an egomaniac with an agenda, and one of the more overhyped athletes in Philadelphia sports history.

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