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keep Liztek powerful $19.95 Bluetooth speaker with you at all times

Liztek powerful Bluetooth speaker is the best option for our entertainment. Due to small size and better battery backup, we can easily carry it everywhere. We don’t need to carry any extra bag for the same. We can adjust that in our daily use bag as well. Also it is also available in multi color option. And the main thing is, it is very cost effective as well.

Now a day’s everyone is busy in their daily busy schedule. And from our tough and stress full schedule we require some time for our entertainment. So generally we prefer to listen some music or dance on our favorite songs. It’s a very common stress buster for us. And everyone enjoys doing the same. Now coming to the main point, for this entire activity or stress buster we require speaker. Earlier we used to carry heavy speaker sound boxes for the same. But that is not idea for every time we want to enjoy through that. Because that not easily portable, also we can’t carry that everywhere.

So for that the best option we have is Liztek powerful Bluetooth speaker. As we know now a day’s everyone is having smart phones or laptop. And almost every smart phones or laptop is having the blue tooth feature. Liztek powerful Bluetooth speaker support wireless Music streaming through the Bluetooth. It is fully compatible with all the smartphone, iPad and other Bluetooth enabled devices up to 30 feet away while listening high Definition quality sound with up to 6 hours of continuous playtime. It contains two highly powerful 40mm total 6W acoustic drivers and also the ultra-small size produce a better audio quality. Liztek powerful Bluetooth speaker contains inbuilt Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery for up to 6 hours of battery backup. Also its built-in microphone can be used for hands-free speaker phone calling. For all these we don’t require any wire or pin. The main specialty of this Liztek powerful Bluetooth speaker is its size. It is very small in size and we can easily carry that in daily use hand bag, laptop bag and in our shoulder bags. And we can use that whenever we need of it. Is you don’t have blue tooth device then also you don’t need to worry about anything, you can simply connect the speaker directly to a standard headphone jack.

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