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IndigoVision Launches NEW Fisheye Camera

The new IndigoVision Fisheye Camera - BX Range brings immersive, 360° surveillance in a single, fixed camera.
When designing a video security system for a retail environment, warehouse, office, or foyer with traditional CCTV cameras, multiple security cameras would have to be deployed to give suitable coverage. This approach results in higher hardware and infrastructure costs.
With the new IndigoVision Fisheye video security camera, you get the same coverage as four traditional video security cameras through a combination of a wide-angle fisheye lens and ultra-high resolution image sensor. While other fisheye cameras use software to decode the wide-angle video into an image the human eye can understand, the IndigoVision Fisheye Camera uses edge dewarping in the camera. Instead of requiring more workstation processing power in order to decode, the IndigoVision Fisheye CCTV Camera requires no additional software processing.
The IndigoVision Fisheye Camera's 360° mode is perfect for ceiling installation, while its 180° mode is ideal for entrance monitoring. The IndigoVision Fisheye Camera delivers up to four virtual cameras, has in-built IR illumination and is rated IP67 and IK10 for extra protection. This fisheye video CCTV camera not only sees everything, it hears everything too, thanks to its in-built microphone. Plus the in-built advanced video analytics makes this fisheye security camera smart.
The IndigoVision Fisheye Camera sees everything, hears everything and tells you that your world is safely protected. It keeps a constant guard on your warehouse, retail outlet, school, hospital, office.
There’s safe and there’s BX safe.
Like the rest of the IndigoVision BX range, the IndigoVision Fisheye Camera delivers a different dimension of safety when combined with IndigoVision’s Control Center video management software. A fully integrated user interface, it puts everything in at your fingertips. Control Center's advanced video analysis means you search and find evidence in seconds, not hours.
Easy to install and intuitive to operate, Control Center gives you sight, sound and oversight of all cameras, from 1 to 100,000. See everything, hear everything, track everything.
High-end: performance, not price tag.
With BX cameras you get supreme connectivity and flexibility, combined with great video and audio. You also get maximum reliability, and the other significant benefits of IndigoVision’s Distributed Network Architecture. Control Center keeps you aware, in charge, safe.
And you realise that, when you get more than you bargained for, not only is safe a wonderful feeling, value-for-money isn’t so bad either.
IndigoVision Fisheye Camera - BX Range Specifications
12MP/15 FPS or 6MP/30FPS resolution
360° or 180° viewing
IR illumination up to 10m/32ft
True Day/Night with mechanical IR Filter
4 Camera Privacy Zones
Video Analytics: Motion Detection, Hooded Camera, Virtual Tripwire, Intrusion
IK10 and IP67
PoE or 12V DC
-30°C to 60°C/ -22°F to 140°F
In-built microphone, line in/out
G.711 Audio
2 Binary Inputs, 1 Binary Outputs

For more information, please visit https://www.indigovision.com/en-us/news/artmid/1556/articleid/61/in...


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