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The article mentions that Lenovo and Dell have software to limit the charge put into the battery while plugged in. Does anyone know a program that does this for an Asus laptop (model S530UN)? They do have an app with this function (called 'Asus Battery Health Charging') but the system specs for it exclude my model.On a deeper level, does anyone know why this is so hard to get? Shouldn't it be fairly straightforward to write this kind of software? That Asus app requires an x86 architecture, which suggests that the problem might lie on the hardware level. Given that there must be a component that routs the socket power either to the battery or directly to the rest of the system, is it simply not possible to control that switch by software in certain models?

Seems like I'm a bit late to the party, but if anyone has an answer, I would really appreciate it.
My power cover 'works', I'm using it to type right now. It also charges and displays the second battery in the battery menu like it should. It tells me when the Power Cover reaches 100% charge.

The issue - I fully charge the Power Cover, disconnect it, stop charging my SP2, and when I reconnect the Power Cover to charge the SP2 on the go, the cover only shows up at 0% charge and never actually succeeds at the goal to prolong the battery life of my SP2.
Hi, i just bought new sb2 15" 1tb last week (usa model but im using it in uk) and had issues with battery since the beggining, im using it mostly for work but sometimes i game on it a little as well. When i do light work on best performance and plugged battery usually stays same (but doesnt charge) or drops a little. When gaming (all games (fifa 19, tekken 7, cod bo4) 1920x1200 high or ultra) battery drops to 20% after around 1:30h when plugged which makes it impossible to use for gaming) i went through different scenarios to do battery reports regarding to situation. I would really appreciate if somebody can share their reports so i would be able to compare.
We've seen a bunch of truly wireless Bluetooth headphones hit the market in the past year or two, some of which are quite pricey and others that are super affordable. Anker's Zolo+ Liberty headphones just came out earlier this year, and right now you can pick them up for $74.99 on Amazon with code ZWSDZ2010. These headphones normally sell for $150 and have never dropped this low before. In fact, previous deals only saw them go as low as $100.

There are no wires involved and the headphones get an average of 3.5 hours of battery life per charge. The case doubles as an on-the-go charging solution, providing up to 48 hours of battery life to the headphones before it needs to be recharged. With the Push and Go technology, pairing these with your devices is extremely easy so you can toggle between devices without worrying. Thanks to One Tap tech, you'll be able to activate sound isolation and remove those ambient noises or even ask questions to your connected voice assistant.The holidays are here, and shipping deadlines are already starting to close in. We get it, you like to procrastinate and push things off until tomorrow, but one tomorrow too many may mean that you don't get your gifts in time to give them. There are a lot of great deals that are available right now, some of which we've seen since Black Friday, others which have just reduced in price again. Take a look through this great roundup, and get your orders in now, before it's too late.

This Choetech Qi-certified wireless charging pad is down to $6.99 with code XML2CEOR on Amazon. The pad normally sells for around $13 without the code. This deal brings it down to a new low, beating a previous deal by $1.The pad is compatible with any Qi-enabled devices, including the iPhone 8 and X, Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+, and others. It has an ETL-certified smart chip that has safeguards to protect against overheating and over charging. It's just 0.3-inches thick. Choetech covers it with a one-year warranty, and users give it 3.9 stars based on more than 5,400 reviews.

For today only, Amazon is offering the Samsung Qi fast charge wireless charger stand for just $29.99. This is the newest version, which Samsung just released earlier this year, and only the blue variant is discounted. Unlike some other wireless chargers, this one comes with not only the stand, but also the wall charger, so you don't need to purchase anything else to use it. You will need a device that supports wireless charging, though, like Samsung's Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy S9, or even Apple's iPhone XS, iPhone 8, and more.

One key difference between this model and some others that are available is its support of fast charging, which means that it can output a higher wattage for charging the device even without a cable. This equates to needing to keep your device on the pad for less time, allowing you to be more mobile and get things done without worrying about your battery percentage. The stand props your phone up, making it easier to see your notifications and even use it while it charges.Amazon also has the iOttie iON mini wireless fast charger on sale for $29.95 in a few color variations. This is a cloth-wrapped charging pad, so your phone lays down, but it's a bit smaller and more portable. You may want to grab one of each, so you can keep one on the desk and one in your travel bag.

We've been charging batteries for decades, but with more efficient components and advancement in charging technology, it takes less time to transfer power from the grid into devices. More and more laptops support faster charging, following the smartphone, but should you be making full use of this handy feature?Just like fast-charging your mobile device, your laptop battery will get hot — and the more frequently a battery is heated, the more its total capacity will decline. Not to mention that a hot battery will tax the cooling system in your laptop, limiting performance if it can't keep up. And there's the matter that it'll be hot and not so fun to use on your lap.

There are ways to help make cells last longer like charging slower, but depending on use and how often a notebook is replaced, it may not be a major factor. What about you? Do you always fast charge your laptop (and other devices) if supported?Mophie's Wireless Charge Pad just dropped to a new low price at Amazon of $19.99. Up until last month, it had never even sold below $40. Its average price lies just under $45, so this makes for a pretty nice deal at over half off. It originally sold for $60 earlier this year. There is a slight shipping delay on this item listed on the page, so you'll want to take that into consideration as well.

This wireless charger is optimized and MFi-certified for use with the Apple iPhone, with the ability to charge them 50% faster than standard wireless chargers can thanks to its 7.5W fast charge capability. You can charge any other QI-compatible devices wirelessly with this product too. All you have to do to charge your phone with it is place it on the base. An LED light glows when charging is complete. It's also equipped with a durable non-slip TPU coating that'll protect your phone from scratches.We all know how awesome the Fitbit Charge 2 is, but the bands can be pretty underwhelming — depending on your taste and sense of style. There are a number of super creative alternatives out there, though, that can really make a statement. Here are some favorites!

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