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Hot SD-WAN, two important verification points

In contrast, the cloud-connected solution envisioned by device vendors is to introduce vrouters in different public clouds, using vrouters to interoperate with enterprise branches or data centers, if a company uses a vendor on its branch or data center and on each public cloud. The device can bypass the public cloud VPN gateway, and the controller of the manufacturer can manage and control the network in a unified manner. On the one hand, it can realize end-to-end automation. On the other hand, the manufacturer has more routes on the vrouter. Security, as well as SD-WAN capabilities, can meet the more complex networking needs of users. Under this kind of thinking, the responsibility of cloudy interconnection falls to the vrouter of the manufacturer, and the vrouter of different public clouds can directly perform IPSec interconnection.

The two ideas mentioned above are not technically different, but the focus around networking is different. In fact, the manufacturer's vrouter is equivalent to OTT's public cloud, which forms a direct competitive relationship with the VPN gateway provided by the public cloud. At present, the public cloud does not exclude the introduction of the manufacturer's vrouter at Market Place, but it remains to be seen what changes will occur in the future cloud networking ecosystem.

  Fourth, the future of cloud network integration challenges

  In a cloudy scene, a role is currently emerging in the industry, professionally implementing a cloudy exchange of traffic, often referred to as CXP, Cloud Exchange Provider. In the public cloud, VPCs are distributed in different Regions. Enterprises are distributed in branches or data centers in different regions, and CXP is used as a connection hub to exchange traffic. It can be seen that the difference between CXP and the public cloud private network mentioned above is that the public cloud private backbone network usually only connects with its own cloud, and CXP itself does not do public cloud, so it will Connect as much as possible to different public clouds to enrich the public cloud connectivity as an exchange platform.

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