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Helium Inflated Balloons – A Perfect Way to Decorate Your Event

Over the years, balloons have been used as a symbolic way of fun as well as celebrations. In early days, balloons were made up with animal’s bladders. But now, modern balloons are made up of rubber, latex, chloroprene or nylon fabrics. Also, traditional balloons were filled with plain air due to which balloons could not float or fly. Besides them, modern balloons are filled with helium. Helium inflated balloons have the ability to fly or float in the air, thus preferred for party decorations. From birthday to a baby shower, balloons are ideal for fun & decoration; doesn’t matter what the occasion is.

Party balloons come in various forms including:

  • Helium Balloons: Initially, balloons were filled with hydrogen. But now, hydrogen is replaced by helium because it is lighter than hydrogen and a lighter balloon can raise more in the air. Also, helium stays in balloons for longer time, thus preferred for party decorations.
  • Plain Latex Balloons: Using Latex balloons is a less expensive option than other balloons. Which means you can have lot more balloons at a lesser price. These balloons can be filled with helium, making Latex balloons an ideal decoration material for various occasions.
  • Foil Balloons: These are made up of plastic (a material that is heavier than latex). These types of balloons are suitable for party decorations. They can remain in inflated condition for longer as compared to the latex balloons.
  • Printed Latex Balloons: These types of balloons have prints, taglines or message on them. They can be used for every occasion as you can customise them according to your occasion. For example, if your kid is an animal lover, you can decorate his/her party with animal printed balloons.
  • Letter Balloons: Letter balloons are the best option to make your message stand out. They mostly used to spell out names or some phrases like “LOVE”, “MARRY ME”, “NEW BABY”, “MR.”, “MRS.”, etc.
  • Personalised Balloons: Personalised balloons can be created with your name, logo or text on it. These balloons are great for special themed parties or corporate events for brand promotion. Also, you can express your feelings by gifting these text-written balloons to your loved one.

Whatever the occasion is, balloons are an ideal option to decorate your space. Choose your desired one and add extra zing to your celebration!

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