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Have players who will not hear or to prevent bots

The coins is what I am mostly concerned about, since we could only get a lot of participant in daily to save up for these expensive (sorta) maplestory items Maplestory 2 Mesos buy in the maplestory Coin Shop. Eh, nothing longer for me to include. Please give this some thought, and thank you in advance for solving the connectivity issue.Edit: '' I had been in the game whilst creating this thread. Umm. .

Raid is a pesticide for killing maplestory2 bugs

Raid is a pesticide for germs. I got a solution! Everybody is aware of those Demon Slater bots botting for Bosses and fly/ vacuum each of the items in the bonus stage. Bots are utilized in training to get a HS/Kishin mule or by some suspicious high level individuals. Some very low level bots such as Jetts, are used to advertise in Henesys/FM in addition to Ard.

I know GMs responsible for user abuse do not approve this and make an effort to ban these players. There is A problem that botters, reproduce due to the fact that have arbitrary sequences for their IGNs and they all do is loop a script with a few loops and coordinates.

Have players who will not hear or to prevent bots, would it be wise to set up captchas to check all players. Then send those who fail 5x to"limbo-ban" (it may lead to temporary ban if it is a user with an IGN that makes sense as well as its Nexon ID and Email, differently bots would be banned permanently by using their MAC address and Nexon ID and that consumer won't have the ability to play/bot .) You might wonder"they can find another PC," or"They multi-client, maybe not good enough," but this system may last and eventually, every MAC ban would cost the person hundreds of dollars, and even if they do promote the Maplestory2 items for actual currency, they would finally eliminate money and prevent botting.

This system may be great, but a downside is if a participant is just using hacks and can enter the captchas, or a pro, but ESL player plays and sets it off (this happened to me in Korean Maplestory and I was afraid to play with till I found out I must play in Korea's daytime.)

I am hoping that by incorporating this Maple story M Mesos method, of the servers would be benefited since bots promote sites can't sell goods that are deflated, or benefit individuals who are too idle to perform.

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