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Harden a man's Rockets is too helpless

Rockets away to challenge the Warriors, and ultimately they are not rivals, in the March 18 against the Nuggets after the war, in the most recent period, wrist injury has been haunting Cheap Jhoulys Chacin Youth Jersey Harden, but in an interview, Harden said, No less than Fire Line, he even looked forward to playing 82 games. Against the warriors a war, for Harden is in terms of a touch of war, in this season against the Warriors game, Harden's offensive efficiency is not ideal. Klay Thompson is one of the league's best defender, each time he met Harden, his beard's personal defense is also very tough, when Clay off, Iguodala is responsible for the main move Harden , "A brother" defense also let Harden feel uncomfortable, each encounter warriors, Harden's attack will fall into a struggle.
A data is also worth mentioning Authentic Dejounte Murray Jersey, not today's game, when the game into the last 5 minutes, points difference in 5 minutes, when Harden was present, the Rockets every hundred rounds to lose 0.5 points, and the same conditions, Westbrook The key moment in the field, the Thunder every 100 rounds to win 2.4 points, Leonard presence, the Spurs key moment win 100 points per 100 rounds, James this data is 1.5 points, several major MVP competitors, only Harden is negative.
Of course, this is not to say that Harden key moment not to force, in addition to him, the Rockets no one can come forward, Capella key moment free throw, Gordon dribble mistakes, the team can only rely on Harden singles Take points.
In the third quarter just up 2 minutes, the field appeared http://www.authenticcanadiensstore.com/authentic-24-phillip-danault... on the accident, Harden in a chase against Klay Thompson, and came to cover the Barnes collision, Harden fell to the ground, the impact Also let his shoulder by the violent impact, Harden lying on the ground activities about his shoulder, so the injury did not matter, then he also re-entered the battle.
Just, Harden in the tightly sealed, want to break through the opponent's iron bucket array is really difficult, in an attack, Harden took the ball into the restricted area, but suffered a cover of the McKee, and the key moment, Kazakhstan Deng is more difficult, he broke into the basket in a breakthrough, but was successfully anti-Green, then Harden really soared in the third, but the same way in the library also to color.
At the last minute, no help Harden and even the beard are sent to the field, Curry defensive encounter Harden beard, was foul, Sun Wukong blowing hair can make a bunch of rescue, and Harden is a beard To deal with the opponent, which looks some funny ingredients, but in fact it revealed a sad, his teammates do not force, resulting in isolation and helpless Harden in the opponent's multiple attack under the offensive efficiency decline, resulting http://www.authenticthunderstores.com/authentic-5-victor-oladipo-je... in a vicious circle, which may be Rockets Often in the face of the Warriors "lack of breath" reasons, only teammates bear the responsibility to go to Harden help, the Rockets can really and strong enemy contend.

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