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Gurin celebrates boom in sales of dehumidifiers

American manufacturer of dehumidifiers, Gurin is now celebrating the booming increase in the sales of its product. The dehumidifier was launched with the advanced and the improved version. Speaking of the success of the product, the marketing manager of Gurin said, “We are glad to have launched this product. We are now experiencing the incredible rise in the sales. Hundreds of orders are being fulfilled by Amazon every day, and we hope the sales graph always witnesses the rise like this. It is because we have manufactured the dehumidifier with excellent attention to details, keeping in consideration every single functionality and aspect.”

The unique features of the product are-

  1. The product is specially designed for keeping the ambiance free of moisture and dampness.
  2. The product works on the quiet whisper technology for a silent functioning. When installed and functioning, there is a negligible sound produced.
  3. The dehumidifier has a spill-proof reservoir that collects the moisture in the form of water. As the tank fills with water, the dehumidifier switches off automatically by itself.
  4. This product’s size is perfect to be installed in closets, bathrooms, basements, boats, and R.Vs. It is appropriate for spaces that are 1, 100 cubic feet in measurement. You can fit the dehumidifier on the desk, boat, workbench and even the closet.
  5. The Gurin dehumidifier is made to consume a very less amount of energy. The dehumidifier is UL and CE approved.
  6. The dehumidifier utilizes the advanced Peltier Technology that makes it functioning by producing minimum sound and makes it incredibly light in weight.
  7. There is a feature of LED light which is an indicator of reservoir getting full and when it is time to empty it.
  8. The dehumidifier works just on plugging it in, and it silently extracts the humidity out of the air.
  9. If the temperature is 86 degree Fahrenheit having 80% relative humidity, approximately 8 ounces water gets collected in the reservoir. The tank can hold up to a maximum of 16ounces of water, so you do not have to empty it every single day.

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