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Original Title: Gorilla Ship

Genge: Action,Adventure,Drama,Romance,Thriller

































Philip Wells and his wife Helen argue a lot about the attention that Philip thinks Helen and his best friend, Dave Burton, are giving each other, but they all sail off together on Philips yacht, until "Gorilla"Larsen and his motley crew show up, scuttle the yacht, and marital-strife is no longer the issue of the day.
A man, his wife and his best friend are aboard a yacht at sea that later gets shipwrecked. The husband soon starts to resent the attention paid to his wife by his friend.
I hadn't watched GORILLA SHIP for over a decade when I dug it out and re-watched it this weekend, and it's a nice little poverty row feature that surely kept the depression-era b-movie audience entertained. The film opens with about 12 minutes of domestic drama between husband Wheeler Oakman (veteran Western heavy and pimp in some exploitation classics), wife Vera Reynolds (star of many silent features, she starred in indie films of the early sound era and retired from the screen after making one more film for director Frank Strayer, TANGLED DESTINIES, which I've reviewed on the IMDb), and friend of the family Reed Howes (dashing lead of many silent light-action films and early-sound poverty row features, and then a reliable character actor for decades--singled out for praise in Ed Wood's book Hollywood RAT RACE as a true professional). Then we are introduced to the seedy ship of Captain "Gorilla" Larsen, played by actor-director Ralph Ince (brother of Thomas Ince), who plays the role like Sterling Hayden after a long and brutal weekend. The two stories come together in a surprising way, and then we find out that the Captain is not unknown to one of the three characters from the mainland. What happens after that is not entirely expected, and the film contains many clever touches. The always reliable George Chesebro takes a break from Western badguy roles to play the first mate, and he's as ornery as ever. Howes has a charming screen presence and also a certain "aw-shucks" quality that reminds me, say, James Garner. If Ben Affleck is able to mature over the years and acquire a certain gravitas in his screen persona, he could one day resemble Reed Howes. Overall, a fine way to kill an hour, and a reminder of how many great little b-movies were made on poverty row in the early 1930's. With cast and crew recruited from the late silent period, films such as GORILLA SHIP still can entertain and excite audiences 75 years after they were made.
Gorilla Ship is a Sea Wolf very light where the brutal captain has the nickname of an animal. Ralph Ince plays Captain Gorilla Larsen no doubt related to Jack London's Wolf Larsen. But believe me very distantly.

Instead of Jack London's prose we get a brutal schooner captain who loves clocking his crew if they don't move fast enough. On a voyage to the South Seas he spots first a man in a lifeboat and then a man and woman in the water clinging to wreckage. They all get picked up and all become amusing toys for his lord and master on the schooner.

The husband is veteran western heavy Wheeler Oakman who was in the lifeboat and is a most jealous man, the two in the water are his wife Vera Reynolds and Reed Howes. It's your standard triangle.

Once they're all on the Gorilla Ship all the fun and games on Ince's part start.

Not much to say here other than this is a poverty row melodrama with a rather unbelievable twist of fate.



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