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Factors to Consider while taking Admissions in a Right School for your Child

using a school implies you are putting your child on a long, winding path of learning. Thus, this path needs to be selected carefully and wisely. However, this is often easier said than done.

With the rapidly growing number of pre-schools, primary and secondary schools all around us, how do you choose the one that best fits the specific needs of your child? Choosing the right school isn’t easy. The parent should decide and make a smart choice when the time comes.

There are many important factors that need to be considered to choose a school for your child.

  1. Faculty is a Key Factor

Parents build blind trust over schools as they believe that their child would be under the constant guidance of supporting and educated adults. Imagine a scenario where the teacher preaching lessons to your child isn't educated enough or a situation where she/he isn't bothered about the level of understanding that the students are gaining for his/her subject?

Well! No parent would want to take a chance by sending their child to an environment like such. So we can make out how relevant the role of educated and suitable faculty members is.

Also, the teachers should excel in their subject so that no queries from the students have remained unanswered. It's important to have teachers who have the capability of creating interest among students for their subject.

  1. Is School Affordable?

It goes without saying that great schools come at a higher price. Therefore are you able to afford the fees without overly stretching your budget and straining your family? You may even want to look around for schools that have a reasonable fee structure and offer good academic training even if they are low on sports and extracurricular activities. The latter can be supplemented at home or coaching outside of school.

  1. School Curriculum

There are curriculums from boards such as CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE,IB, state board etc. which one does the school teach? Of importance are subject combinations and electives offered in higher classes such as 11 and 12th. Does the school board differ from primary to high school and does the school offer more than one curriculum? Also, till what grade is the school? If the school has only the primary grades, you may have to change in the future.

  1. What is the Academic Performance

Although extracurricular activities and divergent learning are much needed for the child’s growth, their academic performance is just as important. Compare the school’s average exam scores in the district and state level. Look into how many ranks they have secured and their trend; have the ranks raised or fallen and what may be the reason for that. A good record of ranks is an indicator of the quality of coaching in the STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) area subjects. Also, ask the school about how their best students have fared in their higher education.

  1. The Infrastructure

Do they have adequate sized playgrounds that cater to games and sports events? Are the classrooms inspiring, tidy and well maintained and display any work done by the students? Is the over-all school premises maintained well and do they have clean bathrooms? These are some of the questions you need to examine regarding the infrastructure.

Choosing the right school for your child can be a tough, intimidating decision. While the quality of education remains the most important criteria, the opportunity to develop your child’s creative, physical and social skills is also a key attribute that needs to be given equal importance. With good research based on the tips, it is possible to decide on the best school for your child.

About School:

Shakuntala Group of Schools uses a holistic review process by making the decision on more than test scores and applications that call for extra attention. We consider rigor of courses, student interests in the subjects, and grades. That way, students who had one bad test experience still receive full consideration.

School Information Initiative by Shakuntala Vidyalaya

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