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Games are wow gold fast paced with plenty going on that requires your fingers to rapidly adapt to the changing action. Regular gamers will possess more dexterity when it comes to fiddly tasks and studies have found that surgeons who play video games are more skilled and steady than those who don't. To get scientific, the study reported by Medical News Today, states: "individuals skilled in video game playing have a more efficient brain network for controlling movement that includes the prefrontal, premotor, primary sensorimotor and parietal cortices."

As a result of that improved hand eye coordination a gamer's reflexes and reactions will sharpen. Continued testing of your ability to move, shoot, dodge and watch what's going on a split second time frame will increase your perception. This could be transferred to safer driving, cycling or shaping up your sporting skills.

3. Get mighty memory:

Whether it's remembering the angle of projection on Angry Birds or knowing which way to turn to get to the strip club on the massive GTA maps, this all helps build your memory cells and might lead to you not forgetting your car keys again. Games like Brain Training on the Nintendo DS was a massive hit and intentionally tested you, giving you a score and brain age rating. With games become more complex and challenging, the ability to recall is constantly being exercised, which you can transfer into real life situations.

4. Solve problems with ease:

A study has found that the number of adolescents playing strategy and role playing games led to an increase in problem solving and school grades the following year. In many games the ability to work out your way around a problem is key to completion. We work our brains harder to think in different ways in order to win. It could be fixing a crumbling town in Sim City or finding the weaknesses of end of level bosses.

5. Become more efficient at life:

If you've tried to walk while writing an email, drinking a cup of coffee and giving directions to lost tourists only to end up on your face, then grab a controller and get gaming. It has been proven that video games can boost the cognitive capacity to multitask. An experiment at the University of California found a game called NeuroRacer resulted in "60 to 85 year old subjects improved to the point that they outperformed 20 year old subjects who had never played it before." This new found ability to upgrade your ability to juggle more than one task could help you become more efficient when you work, shop or are around the home.

6. Never get lost again:

Playing action games helps us be more attuned to our surroundings in everyday life. Knowing who or what's behind you in a video game boosts our spatial navigations could help us become better drivers or help us to not get lost when we're in an unfamiliar town. The ability to visually pick out changes in a gaming environment could also help us be more observant, a skill particularly useful for military troops on the frontline.

7. Make snap decisions:

If you've ever been bearing down on a goal on FIFA and don't know whether to place it or chip. Or been in a Call of Duty battle situation and trying decide who's the biggest threat to take out, then you'll know how taxing decision making can be in games. You might not know it but repeatedly encountering such events helps quicken your ability to make a choice. In an article in the Wall Street Journal, it reported on a study that found "people who played action based video and computer games made decisions 25 per cent faster than others without sacrificing accuracy, according to a study. Indeed, the most adept gamers can make choices and act on them up to six times a second four times faster than most people."

8. Relaxed state of mind:

Playing games puts us in a relaxed state and releases dopamine when we win. It's the reward conditioning mechanism kicking in. When we make it through another level of Candy Crush or win a race on Forza, a little hit of the good stuff works its way through our bodies.

9. Take failure better:

You can't win all the time. This is a fact of life and something we gradually get better at dealing with when we fail to complete levels in time or lose lives in games. Knowing we get another shot, keeps us more optimistic and persistent not rolling around on the floor in tears. Children also understand this in their early development to make them more resilient to failure and taking in their stride.

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