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Experts advice at Formidable Growth in Pulse Oximeters Market Size by 2021

Leading brands like SantaMedical are likely to see high growth rates in the coming years. Experts hail advances in technology, prevalence of chronic respiratory diseases and rising number of surgeries as the main reason for the growth. Research in Japan suggests a 6% per year growth rate between 2018 and 2022. America dominated the market with 50% share in 2017.
Pulse oximetry is now used as a indicator for a number of conditions such as COPD, Heart attacks, Respiratory problems, Sleep apnea and many more. Chronic respiratory problems have seen an alarming increase in developed countries. Problems like COPD and Asthma have seen the largest growth, accounting for seven in every thousand death in a calendar year. 
SantaMedical has also introduced many new models using the new advancement in technology. Focus has also been on the aesthetics and design of the product to suit different customers. These devices are portable and small and used for a variety of clinical and personal application. The user friendly nature with indicators for the pulse quality, pulse strength, blood oxygen saturation levels and sensor fault have made SantaMedical a leader in the market.
"The projections have helped us invest more in Research and Development of our product" says Vice President of SantaMedical. "Our products are now technologically advanced and cheaper, enabling our customers a double benefit"
The increasing Global pollution levels and costs of Surgeries are driving people to become more aware. People now don't hesitate to take precautionary measures for their health and prefer to be aware about their health.
About SantaMedical
SantaMedical is a company based in California, USA. They are devoted to designing, developing and manufacturing innovative Healthcare products that meet the needs of our customers through their GURIN and SANTAMEDICAL brands. For more info or for contact log in to the website:

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